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Old man Hannah learns to drive
How does turning left work?
OLD systems
green circle -> yellow circle -> red You never had the right of way
green arrow -> yellow circle -> red You had the right of way until red
These yellow circles were always very brief. < 3 seconds?
EXCEPT late at night, when blinking yellow circles for hours means you don't have the right of way.
An arrow means you have the right of way.
NEW fangled system
green arrow -> yellow arrow blinking -> red You had the right of way on green only
These blinking yellow arrows can blink for a long time.
The arrow shape is now ambiguous about right of way (green: yes. yellow: no).
Blinking still means you DO NOT have the right of way. (They added arrows.)
Turns out the new system is not redundant with the old, I'm just an idiot who learned
to drive in a long-forgotten century.
P.S.: When the power is out the ENTIRE INTERSECTION is a FOUR WAY STOP DAMMIT. </road rage rant>
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