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Building Adium 1.5 on Mountain Lion/Xcode 4.4.1, plus setting up meanwhile logging_proxy


  • libtool installed by macports
  • mercurial installed by macports
  • Mountain Lion 10.8
  • Xcode 4.4.1


  • Open Terminal window

      # assuming you store your code in ~/repos
      cd ~/repos
      hg clone
      cd adium
      hg checkout adium-1.5.3
      # update SDK_ROOT and PATH in Dependencies/
      perl -pi -e 's/SDK_ROOT=.*/SDK_ROOT=\"\$\{DEVELOPER\}\/Platforms\/MacOSX.platform\/Developer\/SDKs\/MacOSX10.8.sdk\"/g' Dependencies/
      perl -pi -e 's/\$DEVELOPER\/usr\/sbin$/\$DEVELOPER\/usr\/sbin:\/opt\/local\/bin/g' Dependencies/
      vi Dependencies/phases/
      	# add after "log make -j $NUMBER_OF_CORES"
      	perl -pi -e 's/libpurple.0.dylib/libpurple.0.10.5.dylib/g' libpurple/*.la
      	perl -pi -e 's/libpurple.0.dylib/libpurple.0.10.5.dylib/g' libpurple/.libs/*.lai
      	cd libpurple/.libs
      	mv libpurple.0.dylib libpurple.0.10.5.dylib
      	ln -fs libpurple.0.10.5.dylib libpurple.dylib
      	cd ../../
      cd Dependencies
      ./ --download-libpurple
      cd ~/repos/adium
      open Adium.xcodeproj
  • Build and run Adium

Building/running local proxy

	cd ~/repos/adium-1.5.3/Dependencies/source/meanwhile/samples
	./build logging_proxy

You can then set adium to connect to localhost:1533, and it will log all messages between server/client

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