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jhorsman / SDL Web
Last active Mar 22, 2016
SDL Web, Tridion, SmartTarget and other abbreviations.
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SDL Web core

  • CM: Content Manager
  • CD: Content Delivery
  • CDaaS: Content Delivery as a Service (introduced in Web 8)


  • ST: SmartTarget
  • FH: Fredhopper
  • AM: Audience Manager
Damovisa / Disable_Enable_All_Machines.ps1
Created Aug 20, 2015
Disable or Enable all machines in an environment
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Function Get-OctopusEnvironmentMachines{
[string]$EnvironmentName, #"App1 DEV"
[string]$OctopusBaseURI #http://octopus
$environmentsJSON=Invoke-WebRequest -URI "$OctopusBaseURI/api/environments" -Header @{ "X-Octopus-ApiKey" = $apiKey } -Method GET;
throw "Get-OctopusEnvironmentMachines: Failed to retrieve list of environments :: $_ "
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At the end of your Blogger post , using HTML editor, append this
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
In the content of your blog post, simply add this:
<div class="gistLoad" data-id="8488564" id="gist-8488564">Loading</div>
Note: adding the URL is useful because when the javascript does not work, readers can copy and paste the URL themselves.
jhorsman / Restart-TridionServices.ps1
Last active Apr 1, 2016
SDL Tridion CM services restart, start and stop with PowerShell
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Write-Host "Restarting all Tridion Services"
foreach ($svc in Get-Service)
if($svc.displayname.StartsWith("Tridion") -or $svc.displayname.StartsWith("SDL Web") -or $svc.displayname.StartsWith("SDL Delivery"))
if($svc.Status -eq "Running")
Write-Host " restarting"$svc.DisplayName
Restart-Service $ -Force
} else {