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new feature: cpu/stm32l4: add support for flashpage
new feature: boards/openmoteb-cc2538: Initial support
new feature: Add support for the SODAQ ONE board
cleanup: boards/nucleo-f070: add missing periph_i2c feature
new feature: boards/nucleo-f091rc: add i2c configuration
NO_TYPE: make: introduce common Python lib path
new feature: Fmt: add fmt hex byte
cleanup: drivers/periph_common/eeprom: move EEPROM definitions to periph_cpu.
cleanup: drivers/adxl345: fixes & cleanup
cleanup: tools:pyterm fix deprecation warnings
enhancement: doc: add `math` group to Doxygen
bug: drivers: Add missing dependencies
bug: dist/tools/pyterm: handle ctrl+d nicely
enhancement: dist/tools/pyterm: handle ctrl+d nicely
cleanup: make: unify app folder search (examples/*, tests/*, ...)
NO_TYPE: drivers/sx127x: Add initial support for multi interrupt pins
cleanup: boards/cpu: cleanup duplicate includes
bug: drivers/tsl2561: add missing acquire∕release functions
NO_TYPE: pkg/semtech-loramac: update to upstream v4.4.1 + cleanup
new feature: pkg/lora-serialization: add support for lora-serialization format
cleanup: net/nanocoap: factor out generic CoAP defines
enhancement: tests/periph_flashpage: add automated test for flash peripheral
NO_TYPE: drivers/bmx280: improve documentation
bug: sys/auto_init/saul: fix of #10098
bug: doccheck: exclude dist/tools directory from group check
NO_TYPE: net/nanocoap: add module documentation
new feature: boards: add Zolertia Firefly board
enhancement: pkg/openthread: rework of FTD and MTD support
NO_TYPE: tests/arduino: add automatic test for arduino module
enhancement: pkg/semtech-loramac: Reduce timeout in timer
new feature: sys/eepreg: EEPROM registration support (version 2)
NO_TYPE: add new IoT-LAB supported nodes
enhancement: atmega timer: Interrupt Pin
cleanup: cpu/cc2538: enhance periph ADC
enhancement: cpu/cc2538: enhance periph ADC
enhancement: test/xtimer_drift: interval calculation
NO_TYPE: cpu: efm32: add support for no DC-DC converter
bug: sixlowpan: various fixes to sixlowpan_print() function
cleanup: tests/gnrc_udp: remove pktdump from comment
enhancement: tests/gnrc_udp: remove pktdump from comment
enhancement: gnrc_sixlowpan_frag: add page context to reassembly buffer
cleanup: gnrc_sixlowpan_iphc: refactor sending for #8511
NO_TYPE: gnrc_sixlowpan: remove assertion on multiple_by_size function
cleanup: gnrc_sixlowpan_iphc: refactor reception for #8511
bug: iotlab-support: use iotlab command to check credentials
bug: pkg: deal with format string non-literals
enhancement: pkg: update ccn-lite and adapt shell commands
bug: lorabox: add port to flasher parameters
bug: saml21: fix sercom_set_gen for sercom5
bug: sam0_common: fix sercom_id return value for SERCOM5 (#9875)
enhancement: periph/rtt: add missing std header
NO_TYPE: cpu/sam0_common/gpio: use gpio_irq feature
NO_TYPE: boards: add samr30-xpro board and samr30 cpu
enhancement: Improve review process between multiple maintainers
enhancement: jerryscript: bump version
NO_TYPE: README: update listing support of ESP8266
NO_TYPE: Doc: initial RIOT developer memo + directory structure
bug: boards/hifive1: add serial terminal config
bug: stm32_common: fix ram length for MCUs with non-contiguous ram regions
NO_TYPE: boards: slstk3402a: add i2c
bug: frdm-k64f: Update ADC configuration
enhancement: frdm-k64f: Update ADC configuration
enhancement: frdm-k64f: Add SAUL ADC configuration
cleanup: at86rf2xx: correct rssi
cleanup: frdm-kw41z: Clean up ADC configuration
NO_TYPE: allow flashing binary files without configuration
NO_TYPE: atmega_common: allow defining rom and ram length for link.
NO_TYPE: sys/hashes/sha256: add missing unistd.h include
NO_TYPE: sys/hashes/sha256: replace include by stddef.h
cleanup: remove duplicated check
new feature: boards/lobaro-lorabox: Add support for Lobaro LoraBox board
bug: handle IMAGE_OFFSET being defined with a space
bug: dist/tools/ fix testrunner on stdio_rtt based devices
cleanup: cpu/efm32/gpio: use gpio_irq feature
cleanup: cpu/ezr32wg/gpio: use gpio_irq feature
enhancement: tests: ignore infinite recursion for mpu_stack_test with clang
bug: lis3mdl: fix default params
NO_TYPE: murdock: add hook support
bug: emb6: llvm fixes
enhancement: tests: use literal string instead of format string for interval
NO_TYPE: Makefile.include: Replace PHONY by FORCE
cleanup: shell/sc_can: fix uninitialized warning
new feature: shellcheck: Add CI check script
NO_TYPE: tests/*: memory blacklisting for new Docker image (edit cladmi: and current image)
bug: tests: gnrc_ipv6_ext: replace default netif with dummy
bug: tests: gnrc_netif: fix group join iteration macro
bug: gnrc_ipv6: fix regression from #8215
bug: tests: fix cayenne-lpp test for LLVM
enhancement: gnrc_ipv6_nib: make automatic NDP packet emission (NS/RS) configurable
enhancement: make: add APPDIR to info-build target
enhancement: makefiles/ allow overwriting make output redirection
NO_TYPE: Makefile.include: Include VERSION file for release
NO_TYPE: dist: move testrunner to pythonlibs as package
enhancement: make: provide support for listing supported and blacklisting toolchains
NO_TYPE: pkg/lwip: fix `lwip_ethernet` dependency
cleanup: make: unify test target
NO_TYPE: Makefile.include: always include board Makefile.features
cleanup: xtimer_core: uncrustify
enhancement: Makefile.include: also detect features and blacklist on flash
NO_TYPE: pkg: update patch documentation
bug: cpu/mips: remove `periph_gpio_irq` feature and stub
cleanup: cpu/mips: remove `periph_gpio_irq` feature and stub
bug: pkg: blacklist selected `pkg`s for LLVM/clang
NO_TYPE: tinycbor: add doc.txt file
cleanup: tests/hacl: Move from unittests to regular test
cleanup: tests/tweetnacl: Move from unittests to regular test
bug: gnrc_netif: Fix l2addr_len > 0, but no l2addr edge-case
enhancement: makefiles/ handle building in git worktree [backport 2018.10]
new feature: drivers/vcnl4010: initial implementation
cleanup: sys/stdio: cleanup of STDIO abstraction
cleanup: Cleanup: drivers/makefile.dep
bug: native: remove feature `periph_gpio_irq`
cleanup: native: remove feature `periph_gpio_irq`
new feature: drivers/srf04: range finder sensor
cleanup: cpu/cc2538/gpio: use gpio_irq feature
cleanup: cpu/nrf5x/gpio: use periph_gpio_irq feature
cleanup: misc: use correct hauke.petersen@fu email address
bug: nrf5x_common: gpio: fix port 1 functionality
NO_TYPE: tests/driver_hd44780: fix test permission
enhancement: gnrc_netif: Check return value of netdev init during thread start
cleanup: core: Mark openocd info variables read-only
cleanup: vfs/stdio: cleanup STDIO mapping for vfs
NO_TYPE: Makefile.include: replace $(USEPKG:%=$(BINDIR)/%.a) target
cleanup: sys: saul: add missing stddef.h include (for NULL)
cleanup: sys: add missing <string.h> includes
enhancement: tests/periph_gpio: make IRQ related functionality optional
cleanup: periph/gpio: fix doc of `periph_gpio_irq` submodule
enhancement: cpu/kinetis/gpio: use gpio_irq feature
enhancement: kinetis: ADC: Add hardware averaging configuration
enhancement: cflags: use gnu99 only if nothing else is specified (mips, msp430, native)
NO_TYPE: core/pthread: make them compilable with g++
cleanup: boards*: documentation cleanup
new feature: boards/sensebox: Add support for SenseBox board
enhancement: drivers*: add drivers with saul support in the doxygen drivers_saul group
NO_TYPE: boards: slstk3402a: add docs
NO_TYPE: boards: sltb001a: add docs
enhancement: boards/sensebox_samd21: Use PA_BOOST option on SX127X radios
NO_TYPE: README: remove LoRaWAN experimental status
NO_TYPE: pkg/openthread: add supported radios in doc.txt
NO_TYPE: pkg/openthread: fix typo in documentation
NO_TYPE: pkg/semtech-loramac: RU864 band added
enhancement: pkg/semtech-loramac: use internal eeprom to store lorawan config (deveui, appeui, etc)
bug: completely replace detection of GCC includes
bug: drivers/adxl345: fix ADXL345 driver
enhancement: drivers/adxl345: fix ADXL345 driver
NO_TYPE: pkg/littlefs: bump version to v1.6.2
NO_TYPE: doc/boards: move jiminy from wiki to RIOT repo
enhancement: make: process include and dep for external modules
NO_TYPE: docker: Use system GIT_CACHE_DIR if available
NO_TYPE: drivers/at86rf233: extend doc for smart idle listening feautre
NO_TYPE: boards: slstk3401a: add docs
bug: makefiles/ fix 'clean-intermediates' not cleaning
NO_TYPE: tests/pkg_heatshrink: re-enable CI test
NO_TYPE: tests/libfixmath: Add delay at start of test
enhancement: add new supported nodes [backport 2018.10]
bug: cpu/stm32_common/i2c: Fix error handling in i2c_1.c [backport 2018.10]
bug: example/nanocoap: fix block2 example [backport 2018.10]
NO_TYPE: Makefile.include: Fix BUILDRELPATH when RIOTPROJECT is CURDIR [backport 2018.10]
NO_TYPE: cpu/esp32: doxygen fix [backport 2018.10]
NO_TYPE: cpu/esp8266: doxygen fix [backport 2018.10]
NO_TYPE: test: trickle: fix condition for success [backport 2018.10]
bug: emb6_sock_udp: copy receive remote correctly [backport 2018.10]
NO_TYPE: toolchain/gnu: also define NM
NO_TYPE: tests/libc_newlib: add test for newlib-nano inclusion
NO_TYPE: pkg/ allow overwriting GITAMFLAGS from environment var
bug: lwip: fix lwip thread_create() wrapper
NO_TYPE: makefiles/ allow using sudo for docker
NO_TYPE: dist/tools: add lazysponge tool
NO_TYPE: Makefile.base: define 'clean' as .PHONY
cleanup: cpu/fe310: rtc depend on the rtt feature and hifive1 update
new feature: drivers: Add support for tsl4531x visible light intensity sensor
cleanup: crypto/helper: Change equals arguments to const
cleanup: sys/base64: api change (const + void*)
cleanup: nrf5x_common: gpio: remove unused pin_num() function
NO_TYPE: core: rmutex: include stdint.h
cleanup: make: Makefile.include: Remove -Wno-implicit-fallthrough
enhancement: murdock: also compile with LLVM/clang
enhancement: core: add architecture dependent thread information
enhancement: cpu/cortexm_common/cortexm_init: Allow piecewise calling
new feature: make: Introduce periph_gpio_irq feature
NO_TYPE: allow flashing with an offset in rom without erasing all ROM
cleanup: dist/tools/compile_test: fix flake8 issues
new feature: ESP8266 port
NO_TYPE: makefiles/ export RIOT_CI_BUILD to docker
cleanup: examples/default: remove unnecessary dependency to sht11
bug: bench_timers: Fix mixup in trace output
enhancement: tsrb: add drop function
cleanup: tests/netdev_test: remove non required feature periph_timer
new feature: pkg: add libhydrogen
cleanup: sys/ecc: move hamming256 module to generic ecc
cleanup: native/netdev_tap: Rename variable to fix -Wshadow warning
cleanup: color: Fix -Wdouble-promotion warnings
bug: ethos: Add drop frame case to recv function
bug: examples/gcoap: fix post/put without port number
enhancement: net/gcoap: Make references to coap_resource_t all const in gcoap
cleanup: net/gcoap: use sock_udp_ep_equal()
bug: net/nanocoap: allow empty uri/location path option
new feature: nanocoap: add server-side block2 support
cleanup: coap: Replace `COAP_CT_` with `COAP_FORMAT_`
cleanup: cpu/esp8266: remove duplicate 'CPU' variable
enhancement: cpu/esp8266: improvements of I2C implementation
cleanup: boards: always include cpu features
NO_TYPE: boards/nrf52xxxdk: make reset pin work
NO_TYPE: drivers/hd44780: fix compilation errors
enhancement: sys/arduino: add possibility to customize Arduino serial port at compile time
NO_TYPE: sys/arduino: add docs for analog map (strictly needed to build)
enhancement: sys/arduino: add arduino time functions micros() and delayMicroseconds()
new feature: ESP32 port
cleanup: drivers/periph_eeprom: refactor implementation and test application
new feature: cpu/esp8266: cpu frequency settings feature added
NO_TYPE: Move testing infrastructure files to dist/tests
new feature: drivers/mma7660: initial support (adopted from #5970)
cleanup: dist/tests/if_lib: minor Python cleanup
NO_TYPE: tests/periph_uart: add automated testing script
enhancement: doc: move wiki to Doxygen documentation (second attempt)
cleanup: cpu/cc2538: generalise SPI clock configuration
enhancement: boards/stm32f103c8: update flash flags for DFU
cleanup: boards: Harmonized UART config of Nucleo-64 boards
bug: posix/pthread_rwlock: fix unsigned variable comparison
enhancement: dist/tools: Add option to set values of RTS and DTR pins in pyterm
enhancement: Rename stm32mindev to blackpill
NO_TYPE: cpu/esp8266: periph/i2c fix
bug: drivers/cc2420: add netopt NETOPT_MAX_PACKET_SIZE
NO_TYPE: cortexm_common/ldscript: simplify generation of firmwares in section of the ROM
cleanup: at86rf2xx: Move flags from netdev to radio
enhancement: at86rf2xx: Move flags from netdev to radio
enhancement: net/nanocoap: add generic handling for string-based options
bug: net/gcoap: fix doc for order of server resources
bug: nanocoap/example: fix resource order
NO_TYPE: emb6: update link to documentation pdf
new feature: pkg: add libb2 (BLAKE2)
cleanup: drivers/netdev_ieee802154: cleanup NETOPT_MAX_PACKET_SIZE
enhancement: lwip: Bump version to v2.1.0
bug: tests/lwip_sock_*: Stop main thread from overflowing
bug: tests/lwip_sock_{i,ud}p: correctly get array address
enhancement: pkg/nimble: use STACKTEST flag for controller thread
cleanup: net/nanocoap: rename variable name 'class'
cleanup: tests/heatshrink: move from unittests to regular test
NO_TYPE: drivers/at: fix invalid function pointer cast [backport 2018.10]
NO_TYPE: sys/auto_init: Fixed initialization of sht1x [backport 2018.10]
NO_TYPE: unittests: increase test timeout
NO_TYPE: makefiles/ Use a template for CFLAGS testing
enhancement: lua: remove unsupported flags for llvm
NO_TYPE: cflags: add -Wformat=2 -Wformat-overflow -Wformat-truncation
bug: gnrc: mac: fix types according to print formatting
enhancement: fix cflags test for llvm
bug: sock_util: Add unittest and fix detected issues.
cleanup: sock_util: Add unittest and fix detected issues.
enhancement: gnrc_sixlowpan_frag: Expose functions to finish datagram
bug: tests: gnrc_sixlowpan: fix expect for #9585
enhancement: tests: gnrc_sixlowpan: replace default netif with dummy
NO_TYPE: tlsf: fix for llvm
bug: native: ignore -Wformat-nonliteral for formatting syscalls
enhancement: drivers/sx127x: return correct state when device is receiving
NO_TYPE: tests/gnrc_sixlowpan: enable test on murdock
NO_TYPE: examples/asymcute_mqttsn: fix target name
bug: driver/sdcard_spi: fix of issue #9667
NO_TYPE: semtech-loramac: fix uninitialized datarate
bug: llvm, fix newlib-nano header not used
NO_TYPE: sx127x: fix -Wformat llvm warning
NO_TYPE: fix regressions
bug: examples/lua_REPL: cast pointer to void in printf
bug: stm32_common: i2c_2: fix for -Wunused-function
bug: pkg: gecko_sdk: update for llvm support
NO_TYPE: *: fix formatting errors with llvm
cleanup: gnrc netif: cleanup and code deduplication
enhancement: gnrc_udp: assert ports not zero
bug: examples: dtls-echo: remove unneeded addressing operator
NO_TYPE: tests/gnrc_netif: enable CI tests
bug: kinetis: uart: fix unused-function warning
NO_TYPE: tests: remove echo=False
bug: tests/gnrc_netif: Fix -Wformat-overflow
enhancement: gnrc_netif_ieee802154: Set FCF Frame Pending when more data is expected
NO_TYPE: Release notes for 2018.07
bug: cpu/nrf51: fix formatting uint to PRIu32
bug: kinetis: timer: #ifdef unused functions
enhancement: stm32_common/eeprom: fix DEBUG formatting
enhancement: gnrc/6lo: Set more data flag on all but last fragment
enhancement: pkg/ccn-lite/relic: check for minimal cmake version
cleanup: cpu/lpc2387: Fixed documentation and bugs preventing use of LLVM
NO_TYPE: pkg: cmsis-dsp: fix -Wunknown-attributes for LLVM
enhancement: nimble: deactivate -Wunused-function with LLVM/clang
enhancement: gnrc_sixlowpan_iphc: cleanup NHC encoding
bug: tests/lwip_sock_*: fix compilation error
bug: tests/driver_isl29125: fix of compilation error
NO_TYPE: cpu/nrf52: add PWM implementation
NO_TYPE: github: add 'testing' to the PR template
enhancement: netdev_tap: declare netdev_driver struct as const
cleanup: drivers/ata8520e: internal implementation improvements
enhancement: drivers/ata8520e: internal implementation improvements
NO_TYPE: mtd_spi_nor: add 4-byte address flash support
enhancement: doc: set SUBGROUPING to NO in riot.doxyfile
bug: gnrc_rpl: fix zeroing of RPL DIS fields
bug: gnrc_rpl: Pass options length to msg validator
bug: core/byteorder: fix bebuftohs() / htobebufs() on big endian
NO_TYPE: tests/gnrc_netif: add test for ULA source selection
enhancement: move link to nightly build overview
NO_TYPE: pic32: Blacklist pic32 boards from some pkg tests
new feature: tests: initial include of tests/bench_sizeof_coretypes
cleanup: pba-d-01-kw2x: remove duplicate MCPU
cleanup: tests/bench_runtime_coreapis: remove unnecessary test target
cleanup: sys/color/color.c: Fix a typo
enhancement: do not use user identidy when applying patches
NO_TYPE: tests/periph_gpio: add interrupt enable disable command
bug: tests/gnrc_sixlowpan: fix stacksize of dummy device
cleanup: dist/cppcheck: fix missing cppcheck-suppression reasons
NO_TYPE: tests/libc_newlib: fix pointers comparison for llvm
enhancement: murdock: add selected cortex-m boards to LLVM build
NO_TYPE: fix dead link and 3 typos
NO_TYPE: doc: Add deprecation warnings for new repos
bug: sys/cbor: remove module
cleanup: sys/cbor: remove module
enhancement: tests: enhance bench_sizeof_coretypes
cleanup: drivers/l3g4200d: fix typo in src file header
bug: cpu/msp430: increase default stacksize for gnrc_ipv6 thread
bug: net/nanocoap: use correct type param for _bulid_hdr()
enhancement: Several changes for clarity
enhancement: gnrc: Use existing utility function to extract IPv6 header
enhancement: tinycbor: Version bump to 0.5.2
enhancement: netdev: fix return value and precondition doc
enhancement: gnrc_netif_ieee802154: rework `netif->state` to getter and flag
cleanup: cpu/stm32f1/gpio: use gpio_irq feature
cleanup: doc/doxygen: fix typo in getting started page
enhancement: CONTRIBUTING: rewrite the existing document
enhancement: doc: add `serialization` group to Doxygen
cleanup: sys/ubjson: Unconditionally include <sys/types.h>
bug: tiny-asn1: update package version
cleanup: cpu/stm32_common/gpio: use gpio_irq feature
cleanup: cpu/lpc1768/gpio: use gpio_irq feature
cleanup: cpu/lpc2387/gpio: use gpio_irq feature
cleanup: cpu/cc26x0/gpio: use gpio_irq feature
cleanup: cpu/atmega/gpio: use gpio_irq feature
cleanup: cpu/lm4f120/gpio: use gpio_irq feature
cleanup: cpu/sam3/gpio: use gpio_irq feature
cleanup: cpu/esp8266/gpio: use gpio_irq feature
cleanup: cpu/fe310/gpio: use gpio_irq feature
cleanup: periph/gpio: fix scope of GPIO_IRQ submodule
tracking: periph/gpio: fix scope of GPIO_IRQ submodule
enhancement: dist/tools/commit-msg/ Enhance reporting
enhancement: pkg/lora_serialization: add doc to serialization group
bug: net/rdcli_simple: do not send CF opt in POST msg
new feature: net: add full CoRE Resource Directory endpoint implementation
enhancement: tools/pr_check: adapt for label categorization
enhancement: core/bitarithm: change types to `uintXX_t`
cleanup: net/rdcli*: restructure and rename RD related modules
enhancement: net/rdcli*: restructure and rename RD related modules
new feature: sys/ecc: add golay(24,12) half rate code
new feature: sys/ecc: add repetition code
cleanup: CORD: enable THREAD_CREATE_STACKTEST for threads
cleanup: tests/libcose: Move from unittests to regular test
cleanup: boards/wsn430*: fix doxygen grouping
cleanup: [doc] links http -> https
NO_TYPE: tests/pkg_micro-ecc: blacklist wsn430 boards
bug: at86rf2xx: Re-enable ack requests by default
enhancement: cpu/nrf5x_common: add PUF SRAM feature to makefile
cleanup: drivers/hdc1000: change renew_interval to a parameter
bug: drivers/sdcard_spi: fix uint64_t cast location
enhancement: cpu/stm32_common: add PUF SRAM feature to makefile
NO_TYPE: boards/nucleo-l476rg: add I2C configuration
cleanup: drivers/radios: remove default event reporting flags
bug: kw2xrf: Fix ack flag handling
enhancement: enc28j60: improvements to fix #9043
bug: w5100: fixed RX interrupt handling
bug: gnrc_netif: reapply event flags on device reset
bug: at86rf2xx: Always set channel on device
cleanup: README: update features list + line length cleanup
enhancement: cpu/cc2538: add TI vendor headers
enhancement: cpu/cc2538: refine periph/spi implementation
cleanup: cc2538: cleanup and optimisation of periph timer
enhancement: cc2538: cleanup and optimisation of periph timer
enhancement: gnrc_netif: Introduce GNRC_NETIF_HDR_FLAGS_MORE_DATA
NO_TYPE: boards/pba-d-01-kw2x: use OpenOCD-supplied config
enhancement: boards: Extended/fixed SPI config for STM32 Nucleo-64 boards
cleanup: boards/sensebox_samd21: Fix documentation
bug: boards/stm32f103c8: fix openocd config
enhancement: doc: refactor `hashes` group
enhancement: periph/timer: add missing PERIPH_TIMER_PROVIDES_SET
bug: sam0/spi: fix SPI mode assignment
bug: gnrc_ipv6_nib: always configure 802.15.4 long address with IPv6 included
enhancement: boards/sensebox_samd21: Add BMP280 I2C address
enhancement: boards/sensebox_samd21: Add ADC configuration
bug: boards/openmote-b: Fix RF_SWITCH_* logic to active low
cleanup: gnrc_netif: Use fmt for bytes to hex string
NO_TYPE: boards/sensebox: Add limitations of pin multiplexing
cleanup: cpu, periph_gpio: mark closing #endif for MODULE_PERIPH_GPIO_IRQ
enhancement: drivers/at86rf2xx: add smart idle listening feature
NO_TYPE: I2C: introduce and adapt new I2C interface (2nd attempt)
enhancement: gnrc_ipv6_nib: fallback to SLAAC if ARO is ignored by upstream
enhancement: dist/tools: extend the print_toolchain_version script
cleanup: pkg/openthread: use predefined env paths
enhancement: doc: add `memory management` group
cleanup: board/mips-malta: include the cpu features instead of common cpu
NO_TYPE: boards/hifive1: include cpu/fe310 features
cleanup: tests/openthread: remove useless dependency handling
cleanup: dist/tests/if_lib: Update to riot_pal
cleanup: make: fix info-objsize column name position
NO_TYPE: boards/remote-revb: Update broken link in readme
enhancement: Adding additional information about the default uart configuration to the bluepill docs
bug: net/nanocoap: fix response type
NO_TYPE: boards/b-l475e-iot01a: configure second I2C and on-board sensors (lis3mdl, lsm6dsl and hts221)
enhancement: at driver: allow using same buffer for command and response in at_send_cmd_get_lines()
NO_TYPE: cpu/stm32_common: fix source selection declared as module dependencies (broken)
NO_TYPE: pkg/libfixmath: replace __FILE__ by RIOT_FILE_NOPATH
enhancement: cpu/atmega_common/gpio_init: avoid pull-up in `GPIO_IN`
new feature: tests: add runtime benchmark for selected core functions
new feature: .github: add feature request template
new feature: drivers/ds18: Add Maxim Integrated 1-Wire temperature sensor driver
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