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(where) = selection condition
{} = Key/val... 'k=v'
[] = 'this OR that'
clojureql.internal> (compile (where {:rank "Top"}))
clojureql.internal> (compile (where {:rank "Top"} {:title "Dev"}))
"rank=Top AND title=Dev"
clojureql.internal> (compile (where {:rank "Top"} [{:id 5} {:title "Dev"}]))
"rank=Top AND (title=Dev OR id=5)"
clojureql.internal> (compile (where [{:rank "Top"} {:id 5}]))
"(rank=Top OR id=5)"
clojureql.internal> (compile (where [{:rank "Top"} {:id 5 :title "Dev"}])
"rank=Top OR (title=Dev AND id=5)"
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