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Simpler version of `PSF_GAUSSIAN` in IDL.
Simpler version of `PSF_GAUSSIAN` in IDL.
:Authors: Pey Lian Lim (Python)
:Organization: Space Telescope Science Institute
* 2010/08/17 PLL converted from IDL to Python.
# External modules
import numpy
def GaussPsf2D(npix, fwhm, normalize=True):
npix: int
Number of pixels for each dimension.
Just one number to make all sizes equal.
fwhm: float
FWHM (pixels) in each dimension.
Single number to make all the same.
normalize: bool, optional
Normalized so total PSF is 1.
psf: array_like
Gaussian point spread function.
# Initialize PSF params
cntrd = (npix - 1.0) * 0.5
st_dev = 0.5 * fwhm / numpy.sqrt( 2.0 * numpy.log(2) )
# Make PSF
i = range(npix)
psf = numpy.array( [numpy.exp(-(((cntrd-x)/st_dev)**2+((cntrd-y)/st_dev)**2)/2) for x in i for y in i] )
psf = psf.reshape(npix, npix)
# Normalize
if normalize: psf /= psf.sum()
return psf
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