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<Service name="TMS">
jikuja / troubleshootingmod.cfg
Created December 17, 2015 16:49
Configuration for automatic thread dumping
# Configuration file
general {
B:"Enable HTTP interface"=true
B:"Enable JMX agent"=false
S:"Enable bind address"=localhost
B:"Enable keyboard poller"=true
B:"Enable profiler"=true
I:"HTTP port"=6081
I:"JMX port"=6060
jikuja /
Last active October 5, 2023 22:24
Curse minecraft pack downloaders
$ /c/Program\ Files/Java/jdk1.6.0_45/bin/java -jar build/libs/ssl-test-1.0-SNAPSHOT-all.jar [main] INFO io.github.jikuja.ssltest.SslUtils - Operating System: Windows 7 6.1
[main] INFO io.github.jikuja.ssltest.SslUtils - Java version: 1.6.0_45
[main] INFO io.github.jikuja.ssltest.SslUtils - Java specification: Java Virtual Machine Specification version: 1.0 by Sun Microsystems Inc.
[main] INFO io.github.jikuja.ssltest.SslUtils - Java vm: Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM version: 20.45-b01 by Sun Microsystems Inc.
[main] INFO io.github.jikuja.ssltest.SslUtils - Direct connect
[main] INFO io.github.jikuja.ssltest.SslUtils -
[main] INFO io.github.jikuja.ssltest.SslUtils - Server sent 2 certificate(s):
[main] INFO io.github.jikuja.ssltest.SslUtils -
[main] INFO io.github.jikuja.ssltest.SslUtils - 1 Subject CN=*, O=Mojang AB, L=Stockholm, ST=Stockholm, C=SE
[main] INFO io.github.jikuja.ssltest.SslUtils - Iss
from __future__ import unicode_literals
import logging
import traceback
from prompt_toolkit.application import Application
from prompt_toolkit.buffer import Buffer, AcceptAction
from prompt_toolkit.interface import CommandLineInterface
from prompt_toolkit.key_binding.defaults import load_key_bindings
from prompt_toolkit.keys import Keys
#!/usr/bin/env python
An example that demonstrates how `patch_stdout` works.
This makes sure that output from other threads doesn't disturb the rendering of
the prompt, but instead is printed nicely above the prompt.
from __future__ import unicode_literals
from prompt_toolkit import prompt
jikuja /
Created October 13, 2020 17:34
Git cleanup

Git repository cleanup

After adding .gitignore file, commands git ls-files -z --ignored --exclude-standard | xargs -0 git rm --cached and git commit -m "Repository cleanup adter adding .gitignore" can be used to delete all committed files from git.

Deleted file recovery

Command git log --all --pretty=format: --name-only --diff-filter=D -E $COMMIT -- *.user lists all deleted .user files in given commit.

  • 'Development' returned as environment name in Azure after disabling any function

    • Azure/azure-functions-host#6239
    • Makes impossible to use dynamics configuration bases on environment name
    • Possible performance issue is environment name is used internallly?
  • Key Vault references can not be used with Application Insights key/connection string or other important connection strings

jikuja /
Created December 19, 2020 19:14
Minecraft server on RPi
jikuja /
Last active May 3, 2021 09:58
Azure VNet resource safety

Virtual Networks

Deploy dedicated Azure services into virtual networks

Some Azure PaaS services can be deployed into VNet and then they are usable through Azure VNet services and on-prem when using Express Route or VPN with proper routing setup.