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The objective as simple is to render this dataset in a browser

The rules are:

  • no geo or rendering libraries allowed, use whatever technology you want (SVG, canvas, webgl...) but no d3, leaflet, gmaps, three.js or other mapping/rendering library. DOM, ajax and other non geo related stuff can be done with jQuery or any library you decide.
  • you need to fetch the data from CartoDB (using our SQL API)
  • rendering the basemap and the labels is not needed, just the data
  • take all the time you need to finish it

Bonus points:

  • load and rendering time is important, think how to reduce those
  • panning and zooming

Send a bl.ocks or a running html and small readme with the decisions taken. Of course, any question you have please contact me.


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lupeaserban commented May 23, 2018

Hi @jimartincorral,

I have fetched the data from CartoDB but depending on the query string I can have the data returned as a JSON with a property looking like this: the_geom_webmercator: "0106000020110F00000...." or as GeoJSON with the geometry as an array of coordinates. Should i be thinking of transforming the geographic coordinates to x,y coordinates for svg with plain js? Or is there a way to use the_geom_webmercator? Thanks.

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