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Created Apr 28, 2016
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==> windows-build: Rsyncing folder: /Users/jklo/projects/RAVE/source/sunflower-native/build/ => /cygdrive/c/vagrant_sync
==> windows-build: - Exclude: [".vagrant/", ".git/", "sunflower-*/", "delta-packs/", "*.box"]
There was an error when attempting to rsync a synced folder.
Please inspect the error message below for more info.
Host path: /Users/jklo/projects/RAVE/source/sunflower-native/build/
Guest path: /cygdrive/c/vagrant_sync
Command: rsync --verbose --archive --delete -z --copy-links --progress --no-owner --no-group -e ssh -p 22 -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no -o IdentitiesOnly=true -o UserKnownHostsFile=/dev/null -i '/Volumes/Passport/vagrant.d/insecure_private_key' --exclude .vagrant/ --exclude .git/ --exclude sunflower-*/ --exclude delta-packs/ --exclude *.box /Users/jklo/projects/RAVE/source/sunflower-native/build/ vagrant@
windows.vm.synced_folder synced_folder, "/cygdrive/c/vagrant_sync", type: "rsync",
rsync__exclude: [ ".git/", "sunflower-*/", "delta-packs/", "*.box" ],
rsync__args: ["--verbose", "--archive", "--delete", "-z", "--copy-links", "--progress"]
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