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Android Emulator Failure
$ ./emulator -verbose -no-audio -avd DroidTest
emulator: found SDK root at /home/james/Downloads/android-sdk-linux
emulator: Android virtual device file at: /home/james/.android/avd/DroidTest.ini
emulator: virtual device content at /home/james/.android/avd/DroidTest.avd
emulator: virtual device config file: /home/james/.android/avd/DroidTest.avd/config.ini
emulator: using core hw config path: /home/james/.android/avd/DroidTest.avd/hardware-qemu.ini
emulator: Found AVD target API level: 14
emulator: found skin 'WVGA800' in directory: /home/james/Downloads/android-sdk-linux/platforms/android-14/skins
emulator: autoconfig: -skin WVGA800
emulator: autoconfig: -skindir /home/james/Downloads/android-sdk-linux/platforms/android-14/skins
emulator: keyset loaded from: /home/james/.android/default.keyset
emulator: trying to load skin file '/home/james/Downloads/android-sdk-linux/platforms/android-14/skins/WVGA800/layout'
emulator: skin network speed: 'full'
emulator: skin network delay: 'none'
emulator: autoconfig: -kernel /home/james/Downloads/android-sdk-linux/system-images/android-14/armeabi-v7a//kernel-qemu
emulator: autoconfig: -ramdisk /home/james/Downloads/android-sdk-linux/system-images/android-14/armeabi-v7a//ramdisk.img
emulator: Using initial system image: /home/james/Downloads/android-sdk-linux/system-images/android-14/armeabi-v7a//system.img
emulator: autoconfig: -data /home/james/.android/avd/DroidTest.avd/userdata-qemu.img
emulator: autoconfig: -initdata /home/james/.android/avd/DroidTest.avd/userdata.img
emulator: autoconfig: -cache /home/james/.android/avd/DroidTest.avd/cache.img
emulator: autoconfig: -sdcard /home/james/.android/avd/DroidTest.avd/sdcard.img
emulator: Physical RAM size: 512MB
Content of hardware configuration file:
hw.cpu.arch = arm
hw.cpu.model = cortex-a8
hw.ramSize = 512
hw.touchScreen = yes
hw.mainKeys = yes
hw.trackBall = yes
hw.keyboard = yes
hw.keyboard.lid = no
hw.keyboard.charmap = qwerty2
hw.dPad = yes
hw.gsmModem = yes = no = 640 = 480
hw.gps = yes
hw.battery = yes
hw.accelerometer = yes
hw.audioInput = yes
hw.audioOutput = yes
hw.sdCard = yes
hw.sdCard.path = /home/james/.android/avd/DroidTest.avd/sdcard.img
disk.cachePartition = yes
disk.cachePartition.path = /home/james/.android/avd/DroidTest.avd/cache.img
disk.cachePartition.size = 66m
hw.lcd.width = 480
hw.lcd.height = 800
hw.lcd.depth = 16
hw.lcd.density = 240
hw.lcd.backlight = yes
hw.gpu.enabled = no
hw.fakeCamera = back = 6 = webcam0 = webcam1 = webcam2 = webcam3 = webcam4 = webcam5 = front = back = front = front = front = front
vm.heapSize = 24
hw.sensors.proximity = yes
kernel.path = /home/james/Downloads/android-sdk-linux/system-images/android-14/armeabi-v7a//kernel-qemu
kernel.parameters = android.checkjni=1
disk.ramdisk.path = /home/james/Downloads/android-sdk-linux/system-images/android-14/armeabi-v7a//ramdisk.img
disk.systemPartition.initPath = /home/james/Downloads/android-sdk-linux/system-images/android-14/armeabi-v7a//system.img
disk.systemPartition.size = 168m
disk.dataPartition.path = /home/james/.android/avd/DroidTest.avd/userdata-qemu.img
disk.dataPartition.size = 66m
disk.snapStorage.path = = DroidTest
QEMU options list:
emulator: argv[00] = "./emulator-arm"
emulator: argv[01] = "-audio"
emulator: argv[02] = "none"
emulator: argv[03] = "-android-hw"
emulator: argv[04] = "/home/james/.android/avd/DroidTest.avd/hardware-qemu.ini"
Concatenated QEMU options:
./emulator-arm -audio none -android-hw /home/james/.android/avd/DroidTest.avd/hardware-qemu.ini
emulator: registered 'boot-properties' qemud service
emulator: nand_add_dev: system,size=0xa800000,initfile=/home/james/Downloads/android-sdk-linux/system-images/android-14/armeabi-v7a//system.img
emulator: mapping 'system' NAND image to /tmp/android-james/emulator-BDVrL0
emulator: rounding devsize up to a full eraseunit, now a818000
emulator: nand_add_dev: userdata,size=0x4200000,file=/home/james/.android/avd/DroidTest.avd/userdata-qemu.img
emulator: registered 'boot-properties' qemud service
emulator: Adding boot property: 'dalvik.vm.heapsize' = '24m'
emulator: Adding boot property: 'qemu.sf.lcd_density' = '240'
emulator: Adding boot property: 'qemu.hw.mainkeys' = '1'
emulator: Adding boot property: 'qemu.sf.fake_camera' = 'back'
emulator: nand_add_dev: cache,size=0x4200000,file=/home/james/.android/avd/DroidTest.avd/cache.img
emulator: Kernel parameters: qemu.gles=0 qemu=1 console=ttyS0 android.qemud=ttyS1 android.checkjni=1 ndns=1
emulator: Trace file name is not set
emulator: autoconfig: -scale 1
emulator: control console listening on port 5554, ADB on port 5555
emulator: sent '0012host:emulator:5555' to ADB server
emulator: ping program: /home/james/Downloads/android-sdk-linux/tools/ddms
emulator: ping command: /home/james/Downloads/android-sdk-linux/tools/ddms ping emulator 14.0
goldfish_fb_get_pixel_format:167: display surface,pixel format:
bits/pixel: 16
bytes/pixel: 2
depth: 16
red: bits=5 mask=0xf800 shift=11 max=0x1f
green: bits=6 mask=0x7e0 shift=5 max=0x3f
blue: bits=5 mask=0x1f shift=0 max=0x1f
alpha: bits=0 mask=0x0 shift=0 max=0x0
Segmentation fault

mvan84 commented Jul 7, 2016

Any luck solving this?

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