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import Foundation
open class KotlinBase : NSObject {
open class func initialize()
extension KotlinBase : NSCopying {
open class BaseHelper : KotlinBase {
public init()
open func getSum(first: Int32, second: Int32) -> Int32
open func sliceFilterAndSort(list: [String]) -> [String]
open class BaseHelperCompanion : KotlinBase {
public convenience init()
open func getHelperType() -> String
open var helperId: Int32 { get }
open class BaseModel : KotlinBase {
public init(id: Int32, type: String)
open func component1() -> Int32
open func component2() -> String
open func doCopy(id: Int32, type: String) -> BaseModel
open var id: Int32
open var type: String
open class Base : KotlinBase {
open class func API_KEY() -> String
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