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jitpaul/Intro1 Secret

Created May 4, 2018 06:03
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#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
/* Template Function. 'template <class T>' or 'template <typename T>'
can be used here.*/
template <class T>
void exampleFunction(T val) {
cout << val;
/* Template Class. 'template <class T>' or 'template <typename T>'
can be used here.*/
template <class T>
class ExampleClass {
T memberVariable;
ExampleClass(T val) :memberVariable(val) {}
void printMemberVaraible() {
cout << memberVariable;
int main() {
exampleFunction(5); //correct
exampleFunction<int>(5); //correct. 'int' type passed as template argument is optional;
ExampleClass ec1(4); //incorrect. 'int' Type needs to passed as a template argument.
ExampleClass<int> ec1(4);//correct
return 0;
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