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Recap of the 2012-10-24 BmoreJS meetup "Panel Discussion"

BmoreJS 2012-10-24 "Panel Discussion"


  • Nick Gauthier, software developer and consultant
  • Shea Frederick, JavaScript developer at AOL
  • Josh Hepworth, coder and co-founder of Friend of the Web
  • Cory Hudson, creative director at AOL

Moderator: Jonathan Julian, software developer at 410 Labs


  • Libraries that we like other than Backbone: Underscore, moment.js, Raphael, d3, vapor.js, createJS
  • What we use for mobile app development: Backbone, SenchaTouch + PhoneGap, Zepto (includes touch events), Jasmine to test mobile apps
  • Testing - Jasmine for everything
  • No one uses require.js, since they all package their own assets.
  • Asset packaging with tools such as Maven, rake, Rails 3, Jammit, Sprockets, make and UNIX tools
  • How to get started learning js? jQuery is a good start. Bmoreawesome classes. Codeyear, Code academy, Jumpstart Labs
  • What's the best tool for working with Ajax? jQuery, hands down.
  • node.js: code in one language on both server an client. Value? Josh and Shea think it's cool, Nick disagrees. He uses the best language for the job.
  • Is js the best lang for the browser? Other languages compile down to js.
  • CoffeeScript: love it or hate it? (Josh and Nick love, Shea unsure)
  • Can Backbone views be used to render non-DOM things? Nick says YES, he did a BmoreJS presentation on this
  • Josh says Friend of the Web sometimes prototype using js, mostly the interactions.
  • What a good way to fake backend data for testing? Use sinon.js to stub Ajax interactions.
  • How far back in old browser versions do you go? Cory tests all the way back to IE6. Josh and Nick don't test IE at all until bugs are reported. Shea makes sure his apps run in IE8.
  • Everyone described their dev setup and editor of choice.
  • What do you think the next big thing will be?
    • Shea thinks pushing divs is boring, wants UIs to be vector-based for rendering speed
    • Nick thinks Windows 8 Metro apps built with js/css are promising
    • Cory excited about building Flash-like experiences using HTML5/JS/CSS3
    • Josh wants UIs to have a more native feel like an iOS app does
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