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Last active Jul 7, 2020
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Get a repeated number in any given array (assumption that there is one repeated number).
# Get the most repeated number in a given list
def max_freq(some_list):
Gets the most repeated number in a list.
:param some_list: A given list of numbers having one that is most
:type some_list: list
:rtype max_item: object
# Most repeated item
max_item = None
# Max number of counts
max_count = -1
# Create empty dictionary to store the indexes if the list item as keys
# and the repeted count as the values.
count = {}
# Loop through the given list
for item in some_list:
if item not in count:
count[item] = 1
count[item] += 1
if count[item] > max_count:
max_count = count[item]
max_item = item
return max_item
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