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Jens Kristian Villadsen jkiddo

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"text":"Hjertesygdom IKA",
jkiddo / ICPC-2DK
Last active Aug 14, 2017
A30 Komplet helbredsvurdering (A97)
A31 Delvis helbredsundersøgelse (A97)
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Hacking the SamKnows Whitebox

The SamKnows Whitebox is a free router (TP-Link TL-WDR3600) provided by SamKnows to gather internet speed statistics. Ok that's great, but any person with a small amount of hacker's spirit will want to hack it to install some custom firmware to take advantage of the two gigantic antennas on the back, the USB ports and everything else.

Step 1 : Debug mode

Root access can be obtained via a "debug mode" on the router giving you a direct root shell via telnet, amazingly simple.

  • Disconnect the Whitebox from the internet.
  • Connect your computer directly to the Whitebox via Ethernet to one of the four ethernet ports on the Whitebox.
  • Configure your computer's IP settings to "Manual" setting the computer's IP address to, the Subnet Mask to and the Gateway to
  • Turn off the Whitebox.
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# Execute some fairly simple CEC commands
# Can use the "server" if its already running for faster execution
# or will fall back to starting the cec-client in "single pass" mode.
# Another terrible hack from Will Cooke.
# Handy site:
jkiddo /
Created Jun 29, 2017 — forked from staltz/
The introduction to Reactive Programming you've been missing
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package cda.uuid.generator;
import java.nio.charset.Charset;
import java.util.Objects;
import java.util.UUID;
public class UUIDType5 {
private static final Charset UTF8 = Charset.forName("UTF-8");
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private async Task doPostAsync(byte[] document)
var someUrl = "http://localhost:4567";
var parametersToAdd = new Dictionary<string, string> { { "resource", "foo" } };
var newUri = QueryHelpers.AddQueryString(someUrl, parametersToAdd);
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public static void run(String sourceDoc, String xslDoc, String resultDoc,
Boolean dtdValidation) throws SaxonApiException {
Processor proc = new Processor(false);
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