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Convert a number into Roman numeral
// Derived from
import { List } from 'immutable'
const romanMatrix = List.of(
List.of(1000, 'M'),
List.of(900, 'CM'),
List.of(500, 'D'),
List.of(400, 'CD'),
List.of(100, 'C'),
List.of(90, 'XC'),
List.of(50, 'L'),
List.of(40, 'XL'),
List.of(10, 'X'),
List.of(9, 'IX'),
List.of(5, 'V'),
List.of(4, 'IV'),
List.of(1, 'I')
function convertToRoman (number) {
return romanMatrix
.filter(roman => number >= roman.first())
.map(roman => roman.last() + convertToRoman(number - roman.first()))
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