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Created Sep 21, 2009
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I would really like to have several repositories for an application to store the various design and development resources. A project directory typically has the following subdirectories:
artwork/ # logos, etc...
mockups/ # mockups of application screens
prototype/ # raw html and css
application/ # the rails application
So for "project-name" I'd have repositories for artwork, mockups, etc... The problem with this approach on Github is that for one project it will consume 4 slots. If I do this for every project I'll bump over my current plan's repository limits rather quickly.
So I thought about storing these different subdirectories in git branches. This way I would have one repository with artwork, mockups, etc... branches. I have heard that some git projects do this. (For example, the git repository for git has a "docs" branch.)
This would work well for me, but I'd like to have the branches broken out into separate directories on my hardrive. This would allow me to run the prototype and the application concurrently and work on mockups in my graphics program.
Is there a way to do this without cloning the repository multiple times and switching to the correct branch in each directory? The downside of that approach is that with 4 subdirectories and lots of binary files, it will consume 8x the necessary disk space.
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