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install postgresql on antergos
# uninstall postgresql if necessary
$ sudo pacman -R postgresql postgresql-libs
# remove postgres files
$ sudo rm -rfv /var/lib/postgres
# proceed with the installation
$ sudo pacman -S postgresql postgresql-libs
# setup password for postgres
$ sudo passwd postgres
# create this file
$ sudo vim /usr/lib/systemd/system/rc-local.service
# paste this
Description=/etc/rc.local compatibility
# now create this file
sudo vim /etc/rc.local
# and paste this
#!/bin/sh -e
# rc.local
exit 0
# make the /etc/rc.local executable
$ sudo chmod +x /etc/rc.local
# enable the rc.local.service
sudo systemctl enable rc-local.service
# now log in with postgres user
$ sudo su - postgres
# init the database
$ initdb --locale $LANG -E UTF8 -D '/var/lib/postgres/data'
$ exit
# now start postgresql service
$ sudo systemctl start postgresql.service
# so, that's what i did to install and configure postgresql on my antergos linux
# hope it helps
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