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Suggest an unwatched movie from Delicious Library
tell front document of application "Delicious Library 2"
-- Choose a random unwatched movie
set unwatchedItems to every movie whose experienced is false
if (count of unwatchedItems) is 0 then
display dialog "You don't have any unwatched movies." buttons {"OK"} default button "OK"
end if
set randomIndex to random number from 1 to (count of unwatchedItems)
set candidateItem to item randomIndex of unwatchedItems
-- Select and suggest it
set selected shelves to first shelf whose name is "Movies"
set selected media to candidateItem
display dialog "How about watching " & name of candidateItem & "?" buttons {"Seen it", "Find Trailer", "Hmm"} default button "Hmm"
if button returned of the result is "Seen it" then
set experienced of candidateItem to true
else if button returned of the result is "Find Trailer" then
-- Search for a trailer in Safari. (It would be nice to instead use the default browser.)
tell application "Safari"
search the web for (name of candidateItem & " movie trailer")
end tell
end if
end tell
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