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Check if current WP installation runs on server with minimum PHP 5.4
add_action('admin_notices', '_check_php_version_notif', 0);
* Check if current PHP version is newer than 5.4
* @link
* @author Julien Maury
function _check_php_version_notif(){
global $pagenow;
$error = '';
if (version_compare('5.4', phpversion(), '>')) {
$error = 'This plugin needs PHP 5.4 minimum ! Sorry !';
if ( empty($error) || empty($pagenow) || 'plugins.php' !== $pagenow )
printf(__('<div class="error"><p>%2$s</p><p>%1$s has been deactivated.</p></div>'), 'My Plugin Name', $error);
deactivate_plugins( plugin_basename(__FILE__) );
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