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Last active Mar 6, 2020

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Jason D. Meridth
24763 Buck Crk
San Antonio, TX 78255
Mobile: 210.383.9375

I am a continually learning and accomplished senior software developer/team lead with experience in multiple software design life cycles, frameworks, and languages. I have experience in both start-up and enterprise environments. I believe in automation, test driven development, open source and empowering teams to succeed.

I am only available as a remote employee or on-site in San Antonio, TX


  • Passionate about open source, agile/iterative methodologies and continuous improvement
  • Possess expertise in web and application development; skilled at progressing from problem statement/use cases to robust and dependable applications.
  • Strong knowledge of current object-oriented programming languages, distributed systems and experience ranging from basic user interfaces to large applications.
  • Solid management skills, demonstrated proficiency in leading and mentoring co-workers to maximize levels of growth and productivity.
  • Knowledgeable in multiple hardware and software installations and support.



Git, from a Developer’s Perspective, CODE Magazine 4/15/2010,


  • Founder and Former Director of Alamo Coders User Group (
  • Founder, former blogger, and former maintainer of LosTechies blogging community (


Current Languages/Stacks:

Python, Golang, Ruby, Javascript, React, Vue, Flask, Django, Rails

Previous Languages/Stacks:

C#, Java, VB.NET, C/C++, ASP/VBScript. Coldfusion, Visual Basic, ASP.NET (MVC)


Object Oriented Analysis and Design (SOLID, Design Patterns),
Extreme Programming (XP) [Pair Programming, Test Driven Development (TDD)],
Kanban, Scrum, Domain Driven Design (DDD)


Docker, Kubernetes, Vim, tmux, Github, Docker, Jenkins, Redmine, Rake,
Stash, Visual Studio, TeamCity, NUnit, MSTest, ReSharper, Textmate, Vim,
MSBuild, Powershell, Albacore, WiX, CruiseControl.NET, ILMerge, Jira, FishEye, Confluence

Version Control:

Git, SVN, CVS, Serena Dimensions, Visual SourceSafe

Virtualized Software:

KVM, Xen


PostgresSQL, SQL Server, MySQL, sqlite


MongoDB, DynamoDB

Operating Systems:

Windows, Linux (Red Hat, Ubuntu, Suse, Debian)


PCs, Peripherals, Routers/Hubs/Switches



Remote from San Antonio, TX
Senior Software Engineer, Integrations
November 2019 – Present

  • contribute to multiple integration applications (Splunk, ELK, Hive/Cortex, QRadar, etc)
  • Devops/Automation/Infrastructure Management

Technologies Used: Python, Javascript (React), Docker, Ansible, AWS

True Link Financial

Remote from San Antonio, TX
Senior Software Engineer and SRE
January 2018 – June 2019

  • Help build up our card management and wealth management software
  • Devops/Automation/Infrastructure Management

Technologies Used: Ruby, Rails, React, Vim, tmux, Ansible, CircleCI, Docker, AWS


Remote from San Antonio, TX
Technical Leader/Team Lead
August 2016 – December 2017

  • Team Lead for team of 7 developers/devops on the CI/CD, Installer code base for Cisco MetaCloud (private cloud)
  • Automate provisioning of instances in Proxmox (kvm) for continuous integration and development environments Setup control plane of baremetal hosts to host Kubernetes cluster and containerized services
  • Member of Vaquero baremetal team, A bare metal configuration utility that network boots machines based on user defined templates. Leverages iPXE and support cloud-config, ignition, kickstart, and untyped.

Technologies Used: Python, Golang, Vim, tmux, Ansible, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Docker

Robert Half contracting with Rackspace Hosting

San Antonio, TX
Team Lead, Software Developer in Test (QE)
April 2016 – November 2016

  • Extend roast and cafe code bases (based on OpenStack OpenCafe framework) to help test internal billing APIs
  • Help improve SDLC and CI/CD processes

Technologies Used: Github/Git, Python, Vim, Tmux, OpenCafe

First Data formerly Spree Commerce

Remote from San Antonio, TX
Senior Software Developer/Team Lead
June 2015 – February 2016

  • Manage rotating software development teams through releases and continuous improvement weeks.
  • Help enhance/build/extend Ruby on Rails e-commerce platform

Technologies Used: Github, Ruby on Rails, Docker, AWS (EC2, DynamoDB, ELB), Javascript (React)

Rackspace Hosting

San Antonio, TX
Team Lead, Software Engineer IV
June 2013– June 2015

  • OpenStack developer
    • contributions to hacking (PEP8 validations), nova and neutron projects
    • Work on contribution from Rackspace to upstream Openstack
  • Manage direct reports on the Public Cloud Networking team

Technologies Used: Python, Pip, Vim, tmux, Ansible, Jenkins

AirStrip Technologies, LP

San Antonio, TX
Senior Software Engineer
August 2010 – June 2013

  • Helped move team from Team Foundation Server to Git for source control
  • Worked on pipeline architecture for server-side web service endpoints
  • Lead team of developers on a new project dealing with translating and providing access of cardiology ECG data
  • Setup development tools (Atlassian Stash, Jira, and Confluence, Jetbrains TeamCity, Jenkins)
  • Introduced team to "agile" concepts and principles using Extreme Programming (XP) and Lean methodologies.

Technologies Used: C#, Ruby, Git, Powershell

Rackspace Managed Hosting

Rackspace Cloud
San Antonio, TX
Software Engineer Developer III
July 2008– August 2010

  • Created csharp-cloudfiles, the .NET API for Cloud Files
  • Worked on Python precursor to Cloud Servers (prior to Slicehost purchase)
  • Worked on Slicehost team and used that code to start Cloud Servers
  • Implemented and enhancing the Windows guest agent that provisions the XenServer Windows virtual machines

Technologies Used: C#, Python, Ruby, Rails, Git, Rake, Vim, Screen

Wells Fargo formerly Wachovia/World Savings & Loan

Internet Loan Systems Department
San Antonio, TX
Sr. Software Developer
April 2006–July 2008

  • Daily stand-ups, weekly iterations, monthly releases
  • Domain Driven Design techniques to keep a ubiquitous language between developers, systems analysts (QA), and business analysts (Product Owner)
  • Test Driven Development (TDD – NUnit & JSUnit) and Pair Programming with current Agile software development lifecycle, mainly Extreme Programming values and principles.
  • NAnt, MsBuild, JavaScript, CruiseControl.NET and Visual SourceSafe ensured a completely automated deployment process between multiple environments

Technologies Used: C#, SourceSafe, CVS, NAnt, MSBuild

Wells Fargo formerly Wachovia/World Savings & Loan

Savings (Teller Software)
San Antonio, TX
Sr. Programmer/Analyst
April 2005 – April 2006

  • Custom controls for the current VB.NET bank teller application with SQL Server 2000 storage.
  • Introduced Design Patterns and Extreme Programming methodology concepts into the current development process.
  • Migrated the current development team to utilize Pair Programming and Test Driven Development (TDD)
  • Lead weekly development meetings (standup)
  • Automated deployment via CruiseControl.NET and NAnt.

Technologies Used: VB.NET, CVS

HCCP, Inc. dba & Cheridan Technologies,

San Antonio, TX
Development and Support Manager
June 2003 – April 2005

  • Network Design and Implementation – Purchase, setup, and maintain network configurations.
  • Custom Reports - Create custom SQL scripts to interact with Medical Practice Management Software (SQL Server 2000 database).
  • Help Desk Management– manage and oversee support calls from clients. Also manage all on-site visits. Create internal ticket system (C#/MSSQL/ASP.NET)
  • Data Conversion – Migrated legacy patient data into our practice management software.
  • Outsourced Chief Information Officer (CIO) – Operate all aspects of the client’s technical needs.
  • Consulting – Advise current or new clients on current setup and possible alternatives/upgrades.

Technologies Used: C#, Web Services, Windows Services, SVN

Oilfield Monitor LLC

San Antonio, TX
Independent Contractor
September 2002 – June 2003

  • Python email listener to parse incoming emails from OrbComm data centers after receiving data from their satellites.
  • Email listener stored data in relational database accessible from website using Java Pages. Java/PostgresSQL application that handled the company’s unique inventory system.
  • Standardized processes for development, documentation, and quality assurance.

Technologies Used: Java, Python, SVN, PostgresSQL

Skillman Technologies LLC

San Antonio, TX
Manager of Information Systems
March 2002 – September 2002

  • Java application to handle remote updates to current inventory system by users in the field.
  • Network management; email server management, user account management.
  • Learned the complete design, assembly, and installation process for the down stroke oil pump to create internal inventory software.

Technologies Used: Java, Web Services, SVN

Denim Group LLC

San Antonio, TX
Intern Programmer
February 2002 – March 2002

  • Used ASP.NET (1.0 BETA) to create e-commerce application for San Antonio real estate company

Technologies Used: C#, Web Services, Windows Services, CVS

SAWT Interactive

San Antonio, TX
Lead Web Programmer
January 2001 – February 2002

  • Built custom scheduling web-based site for local San Antonio anesthesiologist group
  • Notified doctors of upcoming appointments via cell phone or pagers

Technologies Used: ASP, SQL Server, JavaScript


San Antonio, TX
Lead Web Development Programmer
June 2000 – January 2001

  • Managed programming department (4 people)
  • Met with clients on a regular basis; attended sales meetings along with other senior members of the staff.
  • Senior staff was featured in the San Antonio Business Journal, Computer User and local news segment.
  • Completed multiple websites
  • Closed sales and maintenance contracts.

Technologies Used: ASP, PHP, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgresSQL, CVS, Linux, Windows Server


Trinity University, San Antonio, TX
B.S. in Computer Science
Graduated: December 2002
GPA: 3.5
Senior Software Project – Team won 1st place for campus-wide wireless project (2002)


Scrum Master verify here


References delivered upon request.

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