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Notes about the GROWS method


  • It's not about doing "Agile" it's about being agile and ajusting the practices according to the current reality.

Basic ideas

Dryfus learning model

  • The development of new skills goes through the stages Novice, Advanced Beginner, Competent, Proficient, Expert
  • This applies for individuals and teams
  • Adjust the adoption of new things to the skill level, e.g.
    • Novice: Receipts with detailed instructions for doing things.
    • Advanced Beginner: Contexual advice about doing concrete tasks.
    • Compentent: Apply understanding of the problem domain.
    • Proficient: Understanding of the big picture and self-correct practices.
    • Expert: Develop new practices

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Include everybody

Self-determined adaption

  • Pick the parts of the process which suit you and or organization.
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