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Created Nov 19, 2017

What would you like to do?
Is Uncle Bob serious? -- Blaine Osepchuk


  • Humans are fallible
  • The systems we are building can slip into an uncontrollable complexity
  • Discipline and professionalism ("Professionalism is a hard term to define, but the goal is high quality software.")
  • "Never make excuses for sloppy work."
  • There can be "bugs" in the requirements as well
  • Safety-critical software systems need very high quality standards
  • This makes things slow and cost-intense


  • Static analysis tools integrated in the IDE
  • automated refactoring
  • property-based testing (QuickCheck family)
  • "If you look at software development over the past 80 years, it's been a constant move towards better tools:"


  • Effective communication across industries and domains => learn e.g. from highly regulated environments
    • Share experiences with community
      • About the way we work
      • Why we work that way
      • Useful tools and technology
    • Seniors need to train the next generation
  • TDD
  • "There's no silver bullet software process or framework, so it's hard to build a licensure test."
  • How should you go about building ceritifiably safe systems?
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