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Created Apr 17, 2017

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Bahmni Service commands
# command to list all services
sudo service --status-all
# command to list all configured services
chkconfig --list
# Command to start or stop a service is: service <service-name> start | stop | status | restart
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Check status of Apache httpd service (runs Bahmni EMR UI)
sudo service httpd status
# Check status of OpenMRS Backend (needed for Bahmni EMR UI to talk to OpenMRS)
sudo service openmrs status
# Check status of Reports (needed to see reports inside EMR UI)
sudo service bahmni-reports status
# Check status of OpenELIS / Bahmni-Lab
sudo service bahmni-lab status
# Check status of OpenERP / Odoo
sudo service openerp status
# Check status of Bahmni and ERP Connector (for data sync between systems)
sudo service bahmni-erp-connect status
# Check the status of atomfeed-console Service (Looking at the failed events and retrying failed events)
sudo service atomfeed-console status
# Databases needed to be running (mysqld for Bahmni EMR / OpenMRS, and Postgres for Lab and ERP)
sudo service mysqld status
sudo service postgresql-9.2 status

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