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Jean-Michel Fayard jmfayard

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jmfayard / gradle-libs.versions.toml
Last active Feb 27, 2022
Migrante instantly to Gradle Versions Catalog with refreshVersions
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## Generated by $ ./gradlew refreshVersionsCatalog
org-jetbrains-kotlin-jvm = { id = "org.jetbrains.kotlin.jvm", version.ref = "kotlin" }
org-jetbrains-kotlinx-benchmark = { id = "org.jetbrains.kotlinx.benchmark", version = "0.4.2" }
patrick = { id = "org.jetbrains.patrick", version = "0.4.2" }
jmfayard /
Last active May 6, 2021
Command line tools that spark joy
#!/usr/bin/env bash -x
# > CLI tool that sparks joy
# stedolan/jq: Command-line JSON processor](
# direnv/direnv: unclutter your .profile](
# jonas/tig: Text-mode interface for git](
# tmux/tmux: tmux source code](
# santinic/how2: stackoverflow from the terminal](
# BurntSushi/ripgrep: ripgrep recursively searches directories for a regex pattern while respecting your gitignore](
# sharkdp/bat: A cat(1) clone with wings.](
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# .github/workflows/runOnGitHub.yml
# GitHub Actions documentation
# =>
name: runOnGitHub
# Controls when the action will run. Triggers the workflow on push or pull request
# events but only for the master branch
branches: [ master, main ]
jmfayard / cloudSettings
Last active Nov 29, 2019
Visual Studio code
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View android-camera-samples-fragment.kt
public inline fun needsRefactoring(): Nothing = throw NotImplementedError("""
This does too much and needs to be refactored.
Don't put any kind of logic in the Activities and Fragments.
class Camera2BasicFragment : Fragment(), View.OnClickListener,
ActivityCompat.OnRequestPermissionsResultCallback {
private val surfaceTextureListener = object : TextureView.SurfaceTextureListener {
override fun onSurfaceTextureAvailable(texture: SurfaceTexture, width: Int, height: Int) = needsRefactoring()
jmfayard / stacktrace.txt
Created Sep 6, 2019
Cannot change dependencies of configuration ':classpath' after it has been resolved.
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$ cd sample-kotlin
$ gw --stacktrace dependencyUpdates
executing gradlew instead of gradle
> Task :dependencyUpdates FAILED
FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.
* What went wrong:
Execution failed for task ':dependencyUpdates'.
> Cannot change dependencies of configuration ':classpath' after it has been resolved.
View MoshiAdapters.kt
object MoshiAdapters {
val moshi : Moshi = Moshi.Builder().build()
inline fun <reified T: Any> moshiAdapter(clazz: Class<T> = Lazy<JsonAdapter<T>>
= lazy { moshi.adapter(clazz) }
val movie: JsonAdapter<Movie> by moshiAdapter()
val user: JsonAdapter<User> by moshiAdapter()

i was thinking how to integrate it with the newest feature

we could have

rejectVersionContaining ("alpha","beta",...)

which would be a shorter version of

jmfayard / 1.kt
Last active Sep 22, 2019
Gradle buildSrcVersions
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/** buildSrc/src/main/kotlin/Libs.kt **/
object Libs {
const val okhttp = "com.squareup.okhttp3:okhttp:" + Versions.okhttp
const val okio = "com.squareup.okio:okio:" + Versions.okio
//... all others
/** buildSrc/src/main/kotlin/Versions.kt **/
object Versions {
const val okhttp = "3.12.1"