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namespace HelloCocos
open System
open MonoTouch.UIKit
open MonoTouch.Foundation
open CocosSharp
type HelloScene () =
inherit CCLayerColor()
base.Color <- CCColor3B.Blue
base.Opacity <- 255uy
override x.AddedToScene() =
x.Scene.SceneResolutionPolicy <- CCSceneResolutionPolicy.ShowAll
let label = CCLabelTtf("Hello from FSharp!","MarkerFelt",22.F)
label.Position <- x.VisibleBoundsWorldspace.Center
label.HorizontalAlignment <- CCTextAlignment.Center
label.VerticalAlignment <- CCVerticalTextAlignment.Center
label.Dimensions <- x.ContentSize
label.AnchorPoint <- CCPoint.AnchorMiddle
label.Color <- CCColor3B.White
x.AddChild label
static member HelloLayerScene(mainWindows : CCWindow) =
let scene = new CCScene(mainWindows)
let layer = HelloScene()
scene.AddChild layer
type HelloCocosApplicationDelegate () =
inherit CCApplicationDelegate()
override x.ApplicationDidFinishLaunching(app,mainWindow) =
app.ContentRootDirectory <- "Content"
let scene = HelloScene.HelloLayerScene mainWindow
mainWindow.RunWithScene scene
type AppDelegate() =
inherit UIApplicationDelegate()
override this.FinishedLaunching app =
let applcation = new CCApplication()
applcation.ApplicationDelegate <- HelloCocosApplicationDelegate()
module Main =
let main args =
UIApplication.Main(args, null, "AppDelegate")
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