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Riddler 2018-09-07 Classic, "I’d Like To Use My Riddler Lifeline"
import random
def open_pack(set_size=100):
return random.sample(xrange(set_size), 10)
def collect(set_size=100):
owned = set([])
packs_bought = 0
while len(owned) != set_size:
packs_bought += 1
for card in open_pack(set_size):
return packs_bought
def simulate(trials=100, set_size=100):
results = []
p = 0
for i in xrange(1, trials+1):
return float(sum(results)) / trials
print simulate(10000, 100) #prints ~50.0
print simulate(10000, 300) #prints ~186.6
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