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Drupal 8.5 umami installation using DrupalConsole
# Requires
# - DrupalConsole Launcher
# - Git
# - Composer
# - Sqlite
# How to use:
# copy the content of this gist to a new file name it as ~/.console/chain/try-umami-sqlite.yml
# Execution:
# drupal try:umami:sqlite --directory=/path/to/install/umami/
# NOTE: Use a full path for directory. Relative paths and `~` character are not allowed.
name: try:umami:sqlite
description: 'Download Drupal 8.5.x and install umami profile using sqlite'
# Clone Drupal 8.5.x
- command: exec
bin: git clone --branch 8.5.x {{ directory }}
# Download Drupal Console
- command: exec
bin: composer require drupal/console:~1.0 --working-dir={{ directory }}
# Install Drupal
- command: exec
bin: drupal site:install demo_umami --root={{directory}} --db-type="sqlite" --no-interaction
# Start PHP built-in server
- command: exec
bin: drupal server --root={{directory}}

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@drugan drugan commented Feb 26, 2018

UPDATE: if you have the same error please check whether the sqlite driver is installed for your PHP version:

php -i | grep sqlite

if not, run this:

sudo apt-get install php7.0-sqlite3

Have tried to install the Umami but unfortunately failed. There is what I've got in the end of drupal try:umami:sqlite:


Then I cd to the site directory and run this:


It is not clear from the error message what the class does not exist. Was I wrong somewhere?


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@jmolivas jmolivas commented Feb 26, 2018

@drugan glad to read is fixed ;)

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