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Backbone mixin for enabling Reactjs components to respond to Backbone objects/collections changes
// An example generic Mixin that you can add to any component that should react
// to changes in a Backbone component. The use cases we've identified thus far
// are for Collections -- since they trigger a change event whenever any of
// their constituent items are changed there's no need to reconcile for regular
// models. One caveat: this relies on getBackboneModels() to always return the
// same model instances throughout the lifecycle of the component. If you're
// using this mixin correctly (it should be near the top of your component
// hierarchy) this should not be an issue.
var BackboneMixin = {
componentDidMount: function() {
// Whenever there may be a change in the Backbone data, trigger a reconcile.
this.getBackboneModels().forEach(function(model) {
model.on('add change remove', this.forceUpdate.bind(this, null), this);
}, this);
componentWillUnmount: function() {
// Ensure that we clean up any dangling references when the component is
// destroyed.
this.getBackboneModels().forEach(function(model) {, null, this);
}, this);
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