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Created Jul 15, 2014

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I fully agree that the testing speed can often be a result of improving the code design.

This is probably how I'd implement a similar feature in's apps.

I'm mostly of the opinion that you should use the right tool for each job. Integrated tests to test integration. Unit tests to test logic and message passing.

I prefer to keep things simple and avoid dependency injection until there is a need for it outside of tests.

require "attr_extras" # gem
class Controller
def add_user
user = User.finy_by_username!(params[:username])
mailing_list ="blog_list"), mailing_list)
class AddUserToMailingList
method_object :run,
:user, :mailing_list
def run
Notify.user_added_to_mailing_list(user, mailing_list)
class MailingList
pattr_initialize :name
def add_user(user)
# Even if User owns the mailing_list_name column it doesn't need to know about it.
# Having a column like it in a central table like users would likely just be a
# simplification or an optimization in our apps.
user.update_attributes!(mailing_list_name: name)
require "spec_helper"
# non-rails unit test, much simpler than the blog example imho.
describe AddUserToMailingList, ".run" do
it "adds a user to a mailing list and notifies the user" do
user = double(:user)
mailing_list = double(:mailing_list)
expect(mailing_list).to receive(:add_user).with(user)
expect(Notify).to receive(:user_added_to_mailing_list).with(user, mailing_list), mailing_list)
require "spec_helper"
describe "Adding users to mailing lists" do
it "works" do
user = create(:user)
visit user_path(user)
click_button "Add to blog list"
expect(page).to have_flash("User added to blog list")
expect(user.reload.mailing_list_name).to eq "blog_list"
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