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Last active Mar 18, 2018
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How we made our commit to production time twice as fast using heroku pipelines


We started out with two apps.

  • foo-staging
  • foo-production

Our CI would run tests, then deploy to staging, run smoke tests and then run to production and run smoke tests.

This took about 22-25 min.

Our tests take around 3-3.5 minute to run. The rest of that was waiting for deploys to finish.

How I converted it to using heroku pipelines

I added a third application:

  • foo-prepare

Using these steps:

  • Added the buildpacks we use and set the parts of the config we use within buildpacks (e.g. things like imagemagick version). I configured it as production and made sure our staging app could run with assets built for production.
  • Added heroku metadata heroku labs:enable runtime-dyno-metadata -a foo-prepare so we could access the deployed commit later on.
  • Pushed to the new app and made sure the deploy worked.
  • Scaled down the web dyno to 0 as we won't use it.
  • Set up a pipeline for the three apps.
    • heroku pipelines:create foo --app foo-prepare (as dev)
    • heroku pipelines:add foo --app foo-staging (as staging)
    • heroku pipelines:add foo --app foo-staging (as production)

I then added a parallel job in CI that would push the commit to foo-prepare while tests ran.

I changed the deploy step to something like this:

function _deploy_to_heroku {
  heroku git:remote --remote prepare --app foo-prepare > /dev/null

  # First try to use the deploy we've prepared while running tests
  if [ "$GIT_COMMIT" == "$(heroku config:get HEROKU_SLUG_COMMIT -r prepare)" ]; then
    echo "Promoting slug based on $GIT_COMMIT from foo-prepare to $app_name"
    heroku pipelines:promote --app foo-prepare --to $app_name
    # deploy normally...

And that's it.

Using this our commit-to-production time is now 10 minutes. A bit more than twice as fast as before.

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