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@joaowd joaowd/bt.html.haml

Last active Feb 22, 2017
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= link_to profile_avatar_select(post.user), profile_path(post.user.user_name)
.user-name{ style: 'position:absolute; margin-top: 10px; margin-left: 55px;' }
= link_to post.user.user_name, profile_path(post.user.user_name)
.time-ago{ style: 'margin-top: 10px;' }
= link_to (time_ago_in_words post.created_at), post_path(post)
= image_tag post.image.url(:medium), class:'img-responsive'
= render 'posts/likes', post: post
= link_to post.user.user_name, profile_path(post.user.user_name)
= post.caption
.comments{id: "comments_#{}"}
- if post.comments
= render post.comments, post: post
= link_to '', like_post_path(, remote: true, id: "like_#{}", class: "like glyphicon #{liked_post post}"
= form_for([post,], remote: true) do |f|
= f.text_field :content, placeholder: 'Escreve um comentário...', class: "comment_content", id: "comment_content_#{}"
.panel-heading Peças de Roupa
%th Peça
%th Preço
%th Loja
%th Endereço
%td Calças de Ganga
%td 33€
%td Zara
%a.btn.btn-success.btn-xs{:href => "#", :role => "button"} Comprar
%td Camisola Vermelha
%td 37,23€
%td Pull&Bear
%a.btn.btn-success.btn-xs{:href => "#", :role => "button"} Comprar
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