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22:13 < joar> paroneayea: Please tell me if I'm stating something incorrectly in this post:
22:14 < paroneayea> joar: totally right, upvoted
22:25 < AVRS> joar, paroneayea: IMO “but it will never be designed to do just that, since it's a narrow usecase.” can be misunderstood
22:25 < AVRS> I don’t really understand it.
22:26 < AVRS> Does it mean GMG won’t be cut down to that feature? :)
22:26 < paroneayea> spaetz: just copy mediagoblin.ini to mediagoblin_local.ini
22:26 < paroneayea> then you can "git checkout mediagoblin.ini"
22:26 < paroneayea> AVRS: yes that's what it means
22:26 < joar> AVRS: GNU MediaGoblin's main use case is not that.
22:26 < paroneayea> I think
22:26 < paroneayea> right
22:26 < paroneayea> what joar said :)
22:27 < AVRS> Well, at least GMG is not as complex as DigiKam, which I partly imagined when trying to understand…
22:27 < AVRS> imagine saying that about DigiKam
22:28 < joar> what?
22:28 -!- BjarniRunar [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
22:30 < AVRS> joar: I just don’t think anyone could think GMG would be designed mainly for that. Although sounds like a good feature, something like a proxy
22:31 < AVRS> Oh, and remember that someone asked if it is possible to upload by mounting GMG as a file system.
22:32 < joar> the issue is still the transcoding.
22:32 < AVRS> _the_ transcoding
22:32 < joar> it's possible to build, but it's not in the pipeline at the moment, and it's not the main goal.
22:32 < AVRS> ok
22:33 < joar> but whoever wants to do it will be very welcome, and we'll all try to help them as good as we can :)
22:33 < AVRS> I'll add it to Feature Ideas
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