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Intercept highlighting request and update parameters
To use, add to Highlighter's application.conf:
highlighter.service.scripting {
files = ["/path/to/highlighter-snoop-script.groovy"]
filterRequestParamsFn = "myRequestParamsFilter"
uriFilterFn = "myUriFilterFn"
If all setup fine, you should see below logged messages in highlighter.log
import javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest
def init() {"My script is loaded: {}", scriptPath)
def myRequestParamsFilter(Map params, HttpServletRequest req) {"My request filter:")" params: {}", params)" request: {}", req)
// update params map here if you need...
def myUriFilterFn(String uri) {
String newUri = uri
// here we could do something here to transform received uri to a local file path for example
// ...
return newUri
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