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Working from home

Joe Chasinga jochasinga

Working from home
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jochasinga /
Created Mar 4, 2018
Implementation of a Bitcoin Merkle Tree
type 'a tree =
| Leaf
| Node of 'a * 'a tree * 'a tree
let node_of_tx tx = if String.length tx > 0 then Node (tx, Leaf, Leaf) else Leaf
let tree_of_txs txs =
let nodes = node_of_tx txs in
match nodes with
| [] -> Leaf
jochasinga /
Last active Feb 9, 2018
Exploring first Bucklescript
type socket
type event
type config = {
reconnect: bool;
debug: bool;
timeout: int;
interval: int
jochasinga / bst.es6
Created Feb 6, 2017
Binary search tree implemented in ES6
View bst.es6
'use strict';
class Node {
constructor(data) { = data;
this.left = undefined;
this.right = undefined;
jochasinga / bin_search.es6
Created Feb 5, 2017
Binary search a sorted array.
View bin_search.es6
function search(dst, arr) {
// sort the input array
arr.sort((a, b) => a-b);
// if array is reduced to a member and still no match, return false
if ((arr.length == 1) && (arr[0] !== dst))
return false;
// define a middlebound
jochasinga / buttonsWithInput.elm
Created Jan 2, 2017
Simple user input and buttons example
View buttonsWithInput.elm
-- Modified button example
-- Added a reset button and a field to indicate step size to increment or decrement
import Html exposing (..)
import Html.Attributes exposing (..)
import Html.Events exposing (onClick, onInput)
import String
jochasinga / session.go
Last active Oct 1, 2017
Example of middlewares in Go
View session.go
package main
import (
type Session struct {
Email string
Password string
jochasinga / curry.go
Created Nov 20, 2016
Example of currying (higher order functions) in Go
View curry.go
package main
import "fmt"
type List struct {
Inner []int
func NewList(s []int) List {
return List{Inner: s}
jochasinga / server.go
Created Nov 9, 2016
Database server in Go that uses url.Value as temporary key-value store and path parameter + query string to set and get data.
View server.go
/* Database server */
package main
import (
jochasinga / printTime.ino
Created Oct 3, 2016
Get and print local time from an Arduino Yun.
View printTime.ino
#include <Process.h>
Process date; // process used to get the date
int dates, month, years, hours, minutes, seconds; // for the results
int lastSecond = -1; // need an impossible value for comparison
void setup() {
Bridge.begin(); // initialize Bridge
Serial.begin(9600); // initialize serial
jochasinga / di_3.go
Last active May 31, 2016
Example of dependency injection in action
View di_3.go
package di
import (
// This is a pretty dumb function. It can only works
// if you want to stay with "Hello" forever.
func PrintIfMatchedHello(msg string) {
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