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joefiorini / undo.elm
Last active Aug 29, 2015
An example of a genericized undo/redo in Elm
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import List
import List ((::))
import Signal
import Signal ((<~), (~))
import Html
import Html (div, text, button, ul, input, li, p, label)
import Html.Attributes (disabled, type', name, id, value, checked)
import Html.Events (onClick, on, targetValue)
joefiorini / toggle.elm
Created Jan 9, 2015
Signal.toggle for Elm
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import Signal
import Html
import Html (div, text, button)
import Html.Events (onClick)
toggle s1 s2 s =
(\prev curr ->
if prev == s1 then s2 else s1) s1 s
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Config { font = "xft:Source Code Pro:size=24:bold:antialias=true"
, bgColor = "#002b36"
, fgColor = "#657b83"
, position = TopP 0 150
, lowerOnStart = True
, commands = [ Run Cpu ["-L", "3", "-H", "50", "-n", "#719e07", "-h", "#dc322f"] 10
, Run Battery ["-t", "<left>% (<timeleft>)", "-L", "25", "-H", "75", "-h", "#719e07", "-n", "#b58900", "-l", "#dc322f"] 10
, Run ThermalZone 0 ["-t", "<temp> C", "-L", "40", "-H", "79", "-h", "#dc322f", "-n", "#b58900", "-l", "#719e07"] 10
, Run Memory ["-t","<usedratio>%"] 10
, Run Date "%a %_d/%m %H:%M" "date" 10
joefiorini / main.elm
Created Jan 8, 2015
String Calculator Kata in Elm
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import Graphics.Element (..)
import Graphics.Input.Field (Content, Selection, Direction(..))
import Graphics.Input.Field as Field
import Signal
import Time
import String
import List
import Result
import Text (plainText)
import Debug
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var Elm = Elm || { Native: {} };
Elm.Array = Elm.Array || {};
Elm.Array.make = function (_elm) {
"use strict";
_elm.Array = _elm.Array || {};
if (_elm.Array.values)
return _elm.Array.values;
var _op = {},
_N = Elm.Native,
_U = _N.Utils.make(_elm),
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Description=Keter Deployment Tool
ExecStart=/opt/keter/bin/keter /opt/keter/etc/keter-config.yaml
View compiler-output.txt
Couldn't match type ‘WhebT WhebShort () IO HandlerResponse’
with ‘HandlerResponse’
Expected type: LoggingT (WhebT WhebShort () IO) HandlerResponse
Actual type: LoggingT (WhebT WhebShort () IO) ShortHandler
In a stmt of a 'do' block:
$ renderHtml
$ layout
$ do { ((Control.Monad.Logger.monadLoggerLog
joefiorini / rails.nix
Created Sep 18, 2014
Nix Expression for Running Rails Apps
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with (import <nixpkgs> {});
stdenv.mkDerivation {
name = "717-app";
buildInputs = [ libiconv openssl ruby21 postgresql git nodejs ];
src = "/src/717";
builder = builtins.toFile "" ''
set -e
source $stdenv/setup
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Couldn't match type `XMLType (ServerPartT IO)' with `XML'
Expected type: XMLGenT (ServerPartT IO) XML
Actual type: XMLGenT (ServerPartT IO) (XMLType (ServerPartT IO))
In the return type of a call of `genElement'
In the first argument of `unXMLGenT', namely
(Nothing, fromStringLit "html")