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Draft API reference for the recordlinkage conflict resolution function suite.

Conflict Resolution

The recordlinkage.algorithms.conflict_resolution module contains a large number of conflict resolution functions. These functions can be used with recordlinkage.FuseLinks.resolve if a conflict handling strategy is needed, which is not currently implemented in the recordlinkage.FuseLinks interface.

These conflict resolution functions are based on: Bleiholder, J., & Naumann, F. (2006). Conflict Handling Strategies in an Integrated Information System. Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät II, Institut für Informatik.

.. automodule:: recordlinkage.algorithms.conflict_resolution

.. autofunction:: aggregate

.. autofunction:: annotated_concat

.. autofunction:: choose_first

.. autofunction:: choose_last

.. autofunction:: choose_longest

.. autofunction:: choose_longest_tie_break

.. autofunction:: choose_max

.. autofunction:: choose_metadata_max

.. autofunction:: choose_metadata_min

.. autofunction:: choose_min

.. autofunction:: choose_random

.. autofunction:: choose_shortest

.. autofunction:: choose_shortest_tie_break

.. autofunction:: choose_trusted

.. autofunction:: count

.. autofunction:: group

.. autofunction:: identity

.. autofunction:: no_gossip

.. autofunction:: nullify

.. autofunction:: vote
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