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import flash.display.DisplayObjectContainer;
import flash.system.ApplicationDomain;
import org.robotlegs.base.SignalCommandMap;
import org.robotlegs.core.IInjector;
import org.robotlegs.core.ISignalCommandMap;
import org.robotlegs.core.ISignalContext;
import org.robotlegs.utilities.modular.mvcs.ModuleContext;
public class ModularSignalContext extends ModuleContext implements ISignalContext
protected var _signalCommandMap:ISignalCommandMap;
public function get signalCommandMap():ISignalCommandMap
return _signalCommandMap || (_signalCommandMap = new SignalCommandMap(injector.createChild()));
public function set signalCommandMap(value:ISignalCommandMap):void
_signalCommandMap = value;
public function ModularSignalContext(contextView:DisplayObjectContainer=null, autoStartup:Boolean=true, parentInjector:IInjector = null, applicationDomain:ApplicationDomain = null)
super(contextView, autoStartup, parentInjector, applicationDomain);
override protected function mapInjections():void
injector.mapValue(ISignalCommandMap, signalCommandMap);

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commented Jan 31, 2011

So what package should I store this class in, utilities?

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