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Complete List of Talks from Joe Matthews

Complete List of Talks from Joe Matthews

Recording Presentations using OBS and Youtube - Part I

Part I is the presenation recorded on my laptop and was uploaded to YouTube LIVE at StarSpace46 in OKC.

Part II was recorded using StarSpace46's equipment and covers step-by-step how I created the presentation from Part I. Presentation Inception!

Free Code Camp OKC: Intro to GitHub Pages

In this presentation I give a quick overview of Github itself and then jump right into GitHub Pages.

I go over converting CodePen, React and even Wolfenstein 3D to GitHub Pages -- all without using the command line!

OKC Ruby: Intro to Ruby

This presentation is rough -- I should have tested the projector connected for my new laptop before the presentation.

In this presentation I discuss a littel bit of Ruby history and show an impressive list of companies that are using or have used Ruby. Most importantly I introduce a personalized list of learning resources!

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