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Created December 10, 2015 16:45
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WordCamp US 2015 Notes

Tolman and Jorbin

  • list functions assign variables in reverse order in PHP7
  • HTTP/2
    • makes things faster by managing latency
    • introduces multiplexing in single TCP connections
    • #core-http on slack (working group)
  • CSS4
    • CSS color() function coming soon
    • varables in CSS
    • PostCSS to implement future CSS standards before they're in browsers
    • many browser APIs are only available over HTTPS (e.g., service worker, etc)
    • Let's Encrypt (ACME - REST based standard cert authority interface)
    • We need to solve the mixed content problem for sites converting
  • ECMAScript6 (JS2015)
    • A more modular approach
    • look up arrow functions and rest params
    • promises (pending, fulfilled, resolved) (Babel compiler lets you use this today)

Look at #wpfuturestack on Twitter

Rachel Baker REST API Themes

  • Look at director for routing
  • Remember to change header info when routes change
  • remember the 'embed' option on API requests to pass associated data with a Post
  • Joe has a plugin to manage what gets returned via embed

Scott Taylor

  • Look into using Hogan from Twitter to render JS templates on the server
  • Using WP at the NYTimes for live-blogging


Things to learn:

  • Immutable data (functional programming)
  • Event sourcing (enterprise Java)
  • – learn ES6
  • Pick a new skill
    • JS
    • Functional Programming
    • Single page apps (React)
    • A new language or library
    • UX & Design
    • Algorithms/machine learning

Ideas about learning

  • Hard to learn new things when you need them because of shipping pressure.
  • When you practice, it should be messy
  • Be deliberate & unproductive
  • Book: 7 languages in 7 weeks
  • Book: Pragmatic Thinking & Learning
  • Coursera: Learning ow to Learn
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