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Rackspace open software developer position

This position has been filled. However, feel free to reach out as we are always on the look out for a solid candidate.

FILLED: Software Developer, Openstack DNS

Ideal Developer has experience in:

  • Web software development, especially of production grade REST APIs backed by a RDBMS (NoSQL is a plus)
  • Python (Java/Ruby/Javascript/modern language also considered)
  • DNS, especially advanced concepts such as BIND, DNSSec, and DNS based load balancing
  • Linux/unix OS
  • OpenStack development process
  • Configuration management (e.g. Chef)

We encourage anyone with at least 3 of the above to apply. 3 years experience as a developer is preferred, unless you are a rock star in some way or have solid background in operations/systems administration.

Send an email at or DM on twitter @mejoe if interested.

We are also hiring for a Senior Linux Engineer.

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