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Find load syntax ( // load "module1", "module2"
// find load syntax
var scriptLines = Regex.Split(script, "\r\n|\r|\n");
var isComment = new Func<string, bool>((s) => s.TrimStart().StartsWith("//"));
var trimCommentSlashes = new Func<string, string>((s) => { return s.TrimStart().TrimStart('/').TrimStart(); });
var commandKeyWord = "load";
var loadLines = scriptLines.Where(t => isComment(t) && trimCommentSlashes(t).StartsWith(commandKeyWord + " "));
foreach (var line in loadLines)
var parameters = trimCommentSlashes(line).Substring(commandKeyWord.Length).TrimStart();
var modules = parameters.Split(',');
foreach (var module in modules)
var moduleName = module.Replace("\"", "");
var result = session.Execute(script) ?? "No result";
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