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# Choose your own adventure game
# a text-based choose your own adventure game
# This adventure is like an upside down tree with branches
# this program is full of blocks of code, known as branches, or code branches
# Make sure to visit every branch to make sure all of the code works
def parachute_fail():
print("your parachute fails! Good luck!")
def wizard_mtn():
print("You land on the mountain, known as WIZARD MOUNTAIN")
def water():
print("You make a rough landing in the water! You put on your floaties and wait for rescue.")
def curl():
print("Good thinking! Your plane crashes. You are safe, but you are in an unknown area.")
def valley():
print("You safely land in the middle of the goat herd.")
def goat_ride():
print("The trusty goat takes you to the nearest town. You are safe!")
def goat_herder():
print("You become a successful goat herder and make millions.")
def bad_wizard():
print("The object captures you and throws you into a magical stew paired with frog legs and magic chicken wings")
def good_wizard():
print("A magical wizard comes from the object with a coconut and healing potion for you.")
def wrong():
print("try typing your answers with a capital letter choice instead")
print("You take your trusty propellar plane out for a joy ride. Suddenly, the plane's propeller stops working and you are hurtling towards the ground! You quickly spot a parachute next to you. What do you do? ")
choice = raw_input("A) Quickly put on the parachute, B) Try to steer the plane towards the nearest body of water, or C) Curl up into a ball ")
if choice == "A":
# First branch of story
print("You jump out of the plane! You pull the string to open up the parachute. To your right, you see a mansion on top of a mysterious mountain. To your left, you see a goat herd in the valley. What do you do? ")
choice = raw_input("A) Steer right or B) Steer left ")
if choice == "A":
print("You see an object in the distance.")
choice = raw_input("A) Go to object? or B) Hike towards the mansion ")
if choice == "A":
elif choice == "B":
choice = raw_input("A) Ride a goat to the nearest town or B) Become a goat herder")
if choice == "A":
elif choice == "B":
elif choice == "B":
# Second branch of the story
elif choice == "C":
# Third branch of the story
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