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notes about es6 classes for a mindmeld talk

ES6 classes

example 1

  • a constructor!
  • super
  • no commas between methods!
  • naming methods comes for free!

scrolling down

  • you can't call a class like a function. typeof Point === 'function' but Point() // TypeError
  • classes, unlike function declarations aren't hoisted!
  • static methods! For less memory use and consistency across the prototype.
  • es6 lets you programatically define keys with { [key]: true }
  • you can't create duplicate class names

General notes about babel + es6

  • no more need for use strict! you just get it for free!
  • the eslint is the only linter that supports es6 and it's still a bit buggy. We're gonna have to deal with this as they fix things.
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