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Francesco149 /
Last active Sep 28, 2020
docker error creating new backup file '/var/lib/dpkg/status-old': Invalid cross-device link
victoraguilarc / prestashop-nginx.conf
Last active Mar 24, 2020
NGINX Configuration for Prestashop 1.7.3, its works fully
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server {
charset utf-8;
#listen <YOUR_IP>:80;
server_name <YOUR_DOMAIN> www.<YOUR_DOMAIN>;
index index.php;
access_log /var/log/nginx/domains/<YOUT_DOMAIN>.log combined;
dideler / bot.rb
Last active Oct 16, 2020
Sending a notification message to Telegram using its HTTP API via cURL
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# Use this script to test that your Telegram bot works.
# Install the dependency
# $ gem install telegram_bot
# Run the bot
# $ ruby bot.rb
scottlinux / breachcompilation.txt
Created Dec 19, 2017
1.4 billion password breach compilation wordlist
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wordlist created from original 41G stash via:
grep -rohP '(?<=:).*$' | uniq > breachcompilation.txt
Then, compressed with:
7z a breachcompilation.txt.7z breachcompilation.txt
ruanbekker /
Created Dec 10, 2017
NFS Volumes with Docker Swarm

Create NFS Volumes:

Creating the NFS Volume:

$ docker volume create --driver local \
  --opt type=nfs \
  --opt o=addr=,uid=1000,gid=1000,rw \
  --opt device=:/mnt/volumes/mysql-test \
khoanguyen96 /
Last active May 8, 2020
rexray/s3fs Docker Plugin Install with Minio

Getting Started

Make sure Docker is installed!

Get your Minio endpoint url, accesskey, and secretkey ready!

Install Docker Plugin

docker plugin install rexray/s3fs \
harshavardhana /
Last active Oct 13, 2020
REX-Ray with Minio

Getting Started

The following command will install the latest version of REX-Ray to /usr/bin/rexray on Linux systems:

$ sudo apt install s3fs
$ curl -sSL | sh

Depending on the Linux distribution REX-Ray will be registered as either a SystemD or SystemV service.


REX-Ray requires a configuration file for storing details used to communicate with storage providers. This can include authentication credentials and driver specific configuration options. After REX-Ray has been installed, copy and paste the contents below to a new file on the host at /etc/rexray/config.yml to configure s3fs storage driver.

duluca /
Last active Oct 20, 2020
npm scripts for Docker

These are generic npm scripts that you can copy & paste into your package.json file as-is and get access to convinience scripts to manage your Docker images all in one place.

How to Use

npm i -g mrm-task-npm-docker
npx mrm npm-docker


Here's the code repository

int128 /
Last active Jul 8, 2020
Watching build mode on Create React App

Create React App does not provide watching build mode oficially (#1070).

This script provides watching build mode for an external tool such as Chrome Extensions or Firebase app.

How to Use

Create a React app.

Put the script into scripts/watch.js.

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