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cleos push action anorak addability '["anorak","shapeshifting"]' -p anorak@active
executed transaction: 45dbfa10c393de363f42f35027fbeb61e5d576b0111e3da22556ca1c9221771a 120 bytes 1560 us
# anorak <= anorak::addability {"account":"anorak","ability":"shapeshifting"}
cleos push action anorak getplayer '["anorak"]' -p anorak@active
executed transaction: bcfa0e9ef5649b11194b7ac47c6cee7242fceff2390738bcf1bc21b27b3f79f6 104 bytes 477 us
# anorak <= anorak::getplayer {"account":"anorak"}
>> Username: art3mis Level: 4 Health: 925 Energy: 890 Abilities: shapeshifting
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