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# Buy product from Marketplace
cleos push action market buy '["wade",1]' -p wade
executed transaction: 804d430747459c309a9489ecd0f1c155f819788a0b270bcbf299d1222850b1dc 112 bytes 2253 us
# market <= market::buy {"buyer":"wade","productId":1}
# anorak <= anorak::transfer "000000004073e934000000006405af919600000000000000044f41530000000000"
# anorak <= anorak::additem {"account":"wade","purchased_item":{"item_id":1,"name":"magic ball","power":120,"health":10,"abili...
>> Item Id: 1 | Name: magic ball | Power: 120 | Health: 10 | Ability: see the future | Level up: 3
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