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Retrieve specific fields from an attachment when only a value is known.
function codepotent_get_attachment_field($select, $where, $value) {
// Bring database object into scope.
global $wpdb;
// Assemble the query.
$sql = "SELECT %s FROM $wpdb->posts WHERE %s='%s';";
// Run the query.
$result = $wpdb->get_var($wpdb->prepare($sql, $select, $where, trim($value)));
// Error or empty result? Bail.
if (is_wp_error($result) || empty($result)) {
return 0;
// Return the value.
return $result;
// Scenario: you need to find the ID of an image that was uploaded through
// the ClassicPress media uploader, but, only have the URL of the full image.
// Solution: return the ID field where guid matches the image URL.
$select = 'ID';
$where = 'guid';
$value = '';
$attachment_id = codepotent_get_attachment_field($select, $where, $value);
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