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johncantrell97 /
Last active April 15, 2023 15:09
How I Obtained Satoshi's Treasure Keys 1, 2, and 3 in Minutes

Today (April 16th 2019 at noon) the first major clues to discover key #1 was set to be released in a few cities. A QR code with the words 'orbital' were found at these locations and looked like this: ( If you read the QR code with your phone you will be directed to this url:

At this URL you are prompted to input a passphrase to decrypt the first shard. An obvious first guess was to try the word 'orbital' from the QR code. Not suprisingly this worked! This reveals a congratulations page and presents the first key shard:


Now, we were supposed to wait until April 17th to get clues from the other cities for keys #2 and #3 but that wouldn't stop me from digging around with all the new information we had. All that time "playing" notpron ( years ago was going to help me here.

The first thing I noticed was

johncantrell97 /
Last active March 24, 2020 22:57
How To Obtain The Leporine Key

Hello again.

I was not the first to find the key this time, props to EnigmaZer0 for this one! After seeing that everyone enjoyed understanding how the first clues were solved I thought I'd provide an explanation for The Leporine Key.

The second clue dropped early afternoon EDT on (easter) Sunday April 21 2019. The clue can be viewed on the satoshis treasure website here and looked like this:

 _____       _            _     _ _       _____
/  ___|     | |          | |   (_| )     |_   _|
johncantrell97 /
Created April 23, 2019 16:45
Announcing Ordo: A Satoshi's Treasure Bot for Team Management, Decision Making, and Puzzle Solving

Hello again.

Today I am announcing a project I have been working on to help those on the Hunt for Satoshi's Treasure. Watching the first few teams of Hunters develop I saw the same discussions happening over and over again.

The first question on everyone's mind was how are we going to fairly distribute the prize money if we win? It seems like one of the most obvious ways would be to just distribute the prize equally between all 400 keys. The main problem with this approach is that many team members will likely contribute to the discovery of a single key. The other potential issue is that some keys are easier to find than others and you might want to weight them differently.

The next question I often heard discussed was what about people who contribute to the teams in ways that are not directly related to finding a specific key? There are so many different ways someone can contribute to a team. What if someone helps recruit an amazing hacker or the person who lives in that missing geographic region?

johncantrell97 / esbuild-config.js
Created March 2, 2022 16:35
A esbuild plugin for arc typescript to copy your schema.prisma file into your lambda build directories
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let copyPrismaSchema = {
name: "copy-prisma-schema",
setup(build) {
build.onEnd((result) => {
const fs = require("fs");
const source = `${__dirname}/prisma/schema.prisma`;
const destination = build.initialOptions.outfile.replace(