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HARFile.swift decodable
// HARFile.swift
// HarReader
// Created by John Pope on 8/26/16.
// Copyright © 2016 John Pope. All rights reserved.
import Foundation
import Decodable
struct HARArchive {
let log:HARLog
struct HARLog {
let version:String
let creator:HARCreator
let browser:AnyObject?
var pages:Array<HARPages>
let entries:Array<HAREntry>
let comment:String
struct HARCreator {
let version:String
let name:String
let comment:String?
struct HARPages {
let startedDateTime:String
let id:String
let title:String
let pageTimings:Array<HARPageTimings>
let comment:String?
struct HARPageTimings {
let onContentLoad:String
let onLoad:String
let comment:String?
struct HAREntry {
let version:String
let name:String
let comment:String?
let name:String
let pageref:String
let time:String
let request:String
let response:String
let cache:String
let timings:String
let serverIPAddress:String
let connection:String
let method:String
let url:String
let httpVersion:String
let cookies:String
let headers:String
let queryString:String
let postData:String
let headersSize:String
let bodySize:String
let status:String
let statusText:String
let content:String
let redirectURL:String
extension HARArchive: Decodable {
static func decode(j: AnyObject) throws -> HARArchive {
return try HARArchive(
version: j => "version",
creator: HARCreator( version: j => "nested" => "creator",
name: j => "name",
comment: j => "comment"),
browser: j => "browser",
pages: [HARPages(startedDateTime:"",
title: "",
pageTimings: [HARPageTimings(onContentLoad:"",
onLoad: "",
comment: "")],
comment: "") ],
entries: [HAREntry(version:"",name:"",comment:"")],
comment: j => "comment"
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